Mountains are an area of land that growths very tall above the land about it and that is advanced than a hill. Quran is the best to book from Allah Almighty. In Quran, Allah mentions all aspects of life related to human and his livings .Science proof many theories about Mountains which already mention and Proof by ALLAH almighty. Allah already mention In Quran: Have We not made the earth as a couch, and the mountains as the sheet.

Study Of Science And Quran

Current earth sciences have confirmed that mountains have profound origins under the outward of the ground and that these roots can reach numerous times their promotions above the surface of the ground. So the appropriate word to define mountains on the basis of this material is the word 'peg' since most of a properly set peg is concealed under the surface of the ground. The past of science tells us that the theory of mountains consuming deep roots was presented only in the latter half of the nineteenth era.

Mountains also play a significant role in soothing the coating of the earth. Allah Mention in Quran and He has set firm mountains in the earth so that it would not jiggle with you.

Mountain multitudes bounce a weight away from the perpendicular, but not as much as might be anticipated. The upright position is if the mountain were just a load latent on an unchanging coating, it must be bounced to. Though since it has a deep root of comparatively non-dense pillars, the experiential glance is only toward. The Holy Quran expresses of the mountains and explains that Allah, may He be glorious, shaped them so as to make the earth steady and, so that it would not jiggle or move. Allah, may He be dignified, says And the earth we feast out and sited therein firm mountains.

In Quran Its mention that The words “And you will see the mountains and think them hard, but they shall pass away as the fleeting away of the clouds it mean: you see them as if they are immovable and will continue as they are, but they will pass away as the vapors pass away that is, they will move from their seats, as Allah, may He be dignified, says On the Day when the paradise will shake with a terrible trembling, And the mountains will change away with a horrifying crusade.

Allah is the great creator and he knows each and every thing .This is the Fact there is nothing in the Qur’an that refers to the movement of the mountains during the life of this world. In Madinah, there are so many mountains which are called Holy Mountains when Muslims go and visit for the Hajj and Umrah with Umrah Packages they will see all holy places included mountains.

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