Home is incomplete without a TV. TV being the modern source of getting information and watching your favorite sport is found in almost every home. No bedroom or drawing room or common room is without the device known as Television.

As the TV is now an integral part of modern amenities, TV units and furniture is equally important for displaying the TV and keeping it a position where you can have great view and it also adds to the beauty of the room. A TV unit which is not attractive and does not enhance the beauty of a room is not worth displaying.

We at PRICECRAS FURNITURE provide you the modern white TV units and our White TV units are as great as you want. They not only display your TV in a different yet attractive way but also add decoration to your living or common room where you can enjoy with your family while watching your favorite sport.

Our White TV units have tremendous variety and attractive features. These features will give you an aesthetic view and you would feel at peace. These attractive white TV units are well crafted in wooden work as well as in other materials. Above all, you will find the choice of your own.

Moreover, at PRICECRASH FURNITURE, we offer TV units for each category and type of TV as far its length and other features are concerned. For a TV of 40 inches, we have relevant TV stands. Likewise, for a TV with less than 40 inches sizes, we have different stands for TV.

Here are the salient features and some of our TV units that will surely find your attention.

TV stand with Built in Speaker:

Our built in TV stand with speaker is one of the great TV units that we offer. The speakers have great base and their sound quality is what you aspire for. The stand can house a TV of 47 inches. Moreover, the stand brings both the sound and beauty at one place. The sound system is built in with 2.1 channel sound. Besides, the unit has great ventilation for heat of the equipment. The cable management is smart and you will have no wire uncovered. There is also analogue and digital controls in the TV unit. It is also very important to mention here that the shelf is usable and you can utilize it for you own purpose as well. Furthermore, the speaker glass is thick enough to protect the speakers.

TV cabinet stand:

This bright colored TV cabinet brings elegance to your home and sense of British style. The cabinet has metal handles and it is finished with MDF with white finish. The cabinet provides you with ample space for keeping your valuables as well. The spacious stand gives TV a great place for appearance. You may use a bigger TV or a small one as well. The stand is perfect for the TV of size 68 inches.

This TV stand comes with metal handles, metal drawer runners, hinges of metal, made of particle board and MDF.

TV Cabinet with one drawer and two doors:

One drawer and two door TV cabinet comes in beautiful white color and gives a stylish British look as well. The TV cabinet houses drawer for your CDs and DVDs. Moreover, the doors give space for keeping the books and magazines. This stand is a great example of refinement and elegance as it is well crafted and finished in an exquisite way. The cabinet has modern as well as classic look, as if the modern meets the classic. Moreover, the drawer has metal hinges and metal runners. The stand is made of MDF and particle board. It is supplied in a simple flat form and can easily be assembles where you want it. So there is no issue if you want to go anywhere else you stand will be very easy to ship. Besides, the stand can house a large TV up to 68 inches. You can adjust the base of TV accordingly.

This TV stand is great addition to your bedroom, living room or common room. So you really want to have it at your home.

Capsule Carved TV Stand:

This TV stand is made of mango wood in an oak like finish. The stand has unique carved drawer fronts. He stand comes with four legs and 4 deep drawers and 2 open shelves. This is enough space for keeping your essentials and having handy access to your daily routine things. This hand crafted TV stand provides space for keeping 50 inches TV. The stand also has the matching items which can be delivered or order.

Above all, we at PRICECRASH Furniture provide you the best TV stands with bright white and super white colors. The white TV units are fully equipped with options of drawers and shelves. So do not wait. Order us for the quick delivery.  

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