MOJO…the Messenger
How does one know what you know?

One night after socializing on Facebook, I turned off my laptop and then went to turn off my speakers. AFTER turning them off a man’s calm, loving voice came through the unpowered device and said, “How does one know what you know?” Immediately startled, I looked around confused knowing there was no one else in my small, Hollywood apartment. With the understanding that I do not drink (only wine occassionaly) or do drugs, I rushed to write down the message. I knew wholeheartedly that this message was spoken to me from the infinite source of the Divine. Whether you call that energy God, Arch Angels, Buddha, or by any other name does not matter. What matters is the message.

The Divine wanted me to begin sharing what I know with others. You see, in my spare time, when I’m not tweeting or socializing online, I am constantly watching YouTube videos about spiritual enlightenment and awakening. I am always doing “homework” googling information about Universal truths and ways to increase my intuition and psychic abilities.

For the past six years I have been practicing channeling, which is a form of communicating with the spirits and angels. Call me a medium if you’d like, but I think I’m just an average person like you. The only difference is now I am more open to receiving answers back from the questions that I ask. I truly believe that everyone is born with this gift. However, very few realize its power and commit to practicing it. I channel almost every other day. Receiving thought from the spirit world, or “tuning in to the Universe” as I like to call it, is not spooky at all. In fact, it’s freekin’ fantastic when you realize you have the power to tap into infinite intelligence! I have read that everything that ever was, is and will be is out there in the ether (which is also really within each of us). When you have the ability to hone into what some call the Akashic records and receive messages from that all knowing energy, it is truly a galactic eye opening experience! We are meant to have these super human powers, however, most humans are too clogged for the messages to come through. One must clear their body, mind and soul first.

Although other psychic readers may go into a trance allowing the spirit to take full control over their body, as my favorite mentor Esther Hicks who channels Abraham Hicks, I have yet to receive messages this way. I simply go into a meditative state to connect to spirit and then use my own form of automatic writing paired with telepathy. Automatic writing is the process where the hand appears to move by itself to scribble words. You simply put the pen in your least dominant hand and then write the messages that are infused unto you after meditating and asking the universe questions. I use this method a lot, however, I have found faster downloads by simply opening up a blank word document on my laptop and begin typing as the answers and messages come through. What helped me fine tune my channeling ability in the beginning was being divinely guided to Rebecca Marina’s 30 Angel Steps to Prosperity. For those of you interested in learning how to channel, I highly recommend finding her free ebook online by searching google.

I have always been able to feel energy around me. When this happens now, I do my best to communicate with it. Before opening up the flood gates so to speak, it is very, very important to always protect yourself. In other words, put your Glenda the good witch bubble on (from the Wizard of Oz). Ask to only allow good, positive God loving energy to flow through to be able to communicate with you. Also demand that all negative energy must leave now and is never welcome in your space anymore. Once I put my bubble on, I begin to meditate. Once “dialed in” I will typically feel my left hand begin to tingle as energy flows through it. I then receive the messages and afterwards the energy always releases through tears. Yes, I will start crying for absolutely no reason at all. I know that sounds odd, but it just proves to me that some divine energy really did come through me, speak to me and then left my body. I don’t hear voices (except for God coming through my muted speakers…lol), the messages are infused to me in a type of telepathy communication. It’s an amazing experience. It does not hurt in any way or feel uncomfortable. It is not scary at all once you know that you are only communicating with good loving energy. In fact, when you start getting messages that predict your future, teach you things that very few others in the world know (like a new species of life called a pumpkin starfish) and widen your vocabulary having to look up words you don’t even know the meaning of, it’s a pretty cool thing! You will truly become that little babe in wonderland all over again.

The energy that speaks to me most is Arch Angel Raphael. He has helped me write my movie, write poems, ebooks and more. He typically speaks to me in rhyme. I have no idea why, but it’s pretty cool. I have stacks and stacks of messages to the world, which I will soon share, so please keep in touch with me at to be informed of my ebooks and movie releases.

Some of the most impactful and recurring messages I have received from Arch Angel Raphael are:

No more cow – for me to stop eating meat, dairy and cheese to help clear my body, mind and soul
Run in the sun – to begin sungazing, filling up with the light and energy of the universe and just have fun more often
To eat energy – eat foods that give me life (fruits & vegetables) not foods that take my life energy away from me
Don’t eat as much – end overeating, control my portion size

While most of the messages I have received are personal or details to be included in my movie and ebooks, here are a few general excerpts from some of my channelings that you may enjoy.

Stardust my child, you are, please never stray far
Remember us in all you do, we walk with you in your shoes
We feel your pain, but step it up
Now more than ever, don’t tip the cup (drink alcohol - wine)
No more toxins you know what it do, kills us inside of you
You are the light my child, we are too, we have messages for you
1) See the smoke, smoke it out, sage your house, evil be no more when you open up your door
2) Rendezvous in the sunshine, we need time to bask in sun, sungaze my friend, energy will replenish under your skin
3) In all you do, speak your truth, words become your reality, you are the star, never stray far from who you truly are

Wine I know, hard to let go, but either grab me and be free or choose your sorrows be washed away, you can have it all, it is your choice, put me first, you will rejoice. I asked, “How can we be more angel like?” No more wine my friends, stop the poison this is true, it kills me within you. Breathe better through the night, keep sheets clean, no stress to fight.
Declutter your life and make it simple my friends. Stay focused, focused, focused on only the end.
The middle is filler, filled up with fears, stay focused on the end, the end your magic millions makeover is near.

Listen true zippity do, we love you. Hear this out, hear me good. Realize what you have underneath your hood. Star gates to star lands, just take my hand. Come visit me. We’ll take you there and back again. Inspired within you will be the messenger we lend. They will lend their ears to hear your words. Come with me darling, I am forever at your service. Smile, smile high. Bless the sky. See it in your third eye. Love you. Bye.

I asked, “How can I be limitless?” Fear no one, no single thing, it is the death of thee. Handicap you from birth to cow, now you know how. Release your fears, shout them out. With each step take my hand. We journey to new lands. Adventure, Riches, money too, most of all share love in all you do.

I have hundreds of channelings, but one of the most influential messages I have received thus far and is the sole purpose of sharing all of this information with you, is the meditation poem I received from Arch Angel Raphael. Here it is below. Please practice it and share it with others as much as possible.
Fields of flowers feed on fears, high atop the dandelions valley,
to the pinnacle purple mountain tops, where yellow tulips dally,
beneath the tree you see me, Arch Angel Raphael,
sitting still with gold leaves of sunshine on my forehead,
won't you sit with me and take my hand,
release your fears & doubts & loud cries about,
I am here with wings stretched open wide, to heal you again & let you bask in my sunshine,
the leaves are to relieve the fear from your tears,
the sunshine is to love the spark inside you throughout the years,
the flowers feed on your fears,
give them all to me, high atop this purple mountain top, where fears are released and run free,
now go my friend...your troubles end...I love you so...Don't you know?

Poem written by Melissa MOJO Hunter after channeling Arch Angel Raphael
12/21/10 11:27pm

The next morning after practicing this mediation I woke up singing the song by James Ingram & Patti Austin, "Baby come to me". I know it was a song Arch Angel Raphael infused me with to remind you and I of his love. Please listen to it online soon to remind yourself that the angels are waiting to answer, all you have to do is ask.
Many more messages soon to come! Please send me an email with your comments regarding the impact this meditation poem has had on you and I will attempt to include it in one of my soon to be published ebooks.

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Melissa MOJO Hunter
Founder & President: WWW.GOALFRIEND.COM
Writer * Poet * Celebrity Actress & Model * Inspirational Speaker