Moles are dark spots on the skin from birth or acquired during the later stages of life. The actual cause for the formation of moles is still unknown and an average person is born with 3-5 moles and gets up to 10 moles in the later stages of life. Moles can grow anywhere on the body at any location and in any shape, size, texture or form. Most of the moles are harmless but their presence sometimes maybe in places which are annoying and hence there are safe procedures developed for the removal of unwanted moles on the body.
There are several procedures based on the size and depth of the mole these procedures can opt. a procedure like electrocautery, punch excision, laser, and Radiofrequency techniques are employed depending on the type of mole. Punch excision is removing the mole from the skin and transplanting a little part of the skin with skin from other places of the body. Electrocautery is using thermal cautery to utilize electric energy to destroy skin tissue. These procedures are suggested for moles that are big and deep.

Laser mole removal is usually performed on flat moles on the skin. There is no scarring in this procedure and the recovery downtime is zero. Laser mole removal is also a painless, non-surgical procedure for mole removal.
Mole removal treatment is usually not painful. However, minor pain may result in complex cases. This varies from person to person depending on the size of the mole and the procedure opted.

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