A fancy dress party is great fun for all involved. Trying to find the mom and baby girl matching outfits is certain to help lighten the mood and make the build up to the special event much more enjoyable. Here are five tips to help find the most practical outfit and accessories:


Picking the right type of theme to match the occasion is certain to be one of the top priorities. Many of the fancy dress parties have a specific theme chosen by the host. It helps to search for the more unique costume that other party guests aren't likely to arrive in. Carefully consider the individual style and personality. Use the fancy dress party to go completely outside the everyday comfort zone and invest in a costume that is a lot more extravagant than normal. A fancy dress outfit can come in a variety of themes, from pirate, cowboy, superhero, film characters, horror-inspired, the choices are almost endless.

If a specific theme has not been identified by the person organizing the party, there is certain to be much more leeway in the dress and style used for the special event.


When trying to find the right costume, make sure it is easy and practical to wear for the entire evening. Make sure it isn't going to be too difficult to move around in. If looking at the fully enclosing outfits like a Hot dog or similar, this might be great in cold weather, but will soon become quite uncomfortable if the party is held on a warm evening. A well-tailored outfit can come in a variety of light and thick materials, so make sure to find out that is able to perfectly match the occasion.

It might also benefit to check the weather for the day or evening of the event. If cold weather is expected, a poncho or coat to match the outfit might be a worthwhile investment.

Price range

Prices for the ready-made outfits can vary from low to high, so there should be a varied choice on offer. Certain fancy dress shops offer the opportunity to hire an outfit for the single evening. If buying online, make sure to order early so that there is enough time for the order to be delivered. Also, by shopping early it is possible to comparison shop and search for bargains. Leaving the shopping to the last-minute is certain to mean there are fewer options and more of a panic.


In addition to finding the perfect outfit for the fancy dress party, a high-quality selection of accessories can help to complete the look. Most outfits will come with the most important accessories. But if there is a need to buy socks, makeup, footwear or a wig, make sure to invest the extra to fully complete the outfit and have it ready for the special occasion. If planning on buying the more complicated outfit, remember that this is likely to mean a lot more accessories.

Another, very important rule is to not change any previously chosen item. So to use my belt example again: Once you have chosen your shoes, you're probably going to find pants next. If you come across pants that you really want your son to wear, do not go back to the shoes and change them for the sake of those pants.

This will only make a mess of the outfit because it will make it incoherent. What you would have to do is put these pants to the side, finish the outfit you've just started, and then start a new outfit that you build around those pants. I cannot stress this enough: Do not go back to an already chosen item of clothing and change it. You must move on and finish the outfit step by step.

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