This is my mother’s story about finding a solution to her hair loss problem.

I never thought I’d ever say those words! After all, I am a female and what does hair loss have to do with me? Or so, I’d thought!

I had been raised with three brothers. I saw all three of them begin to lose their hair in their late teens. It never occurred to me that I would, too, begin to lose my hair, just at a later stage in my life. My own mother’s head of hair began to show the signs of aging after she began going through menopause.

Silly me, I’d thought her hair loss had to do in not getting the proper nutrients. Mother did not believe in taking a vitamin and mineral supplement. She had heard they were a waste of money, since they simply went through one’s body and provided no benefit. Well, I knew for a fact that was wrong!

I was determined I wasn’t going to end up like Mother! Now, fortunately, Mother did not lose all of her hair, despite her age and the hair products she used.
Mother figured out that dying her hair cause some of her hair to fall out along with buying an over-the-counter shampoo. Once when she stopped dying her hair and stopped using store-bought shampoo, Mother began to regain some of what she had lost. (More to come in this series)

****And what was one of the things she did, switch to a hard-to-find shampoo (a shampoo without sneaky chemicals and fragrance-free) which she found at

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional. Only an avid reader. Check with your healthcare provider before starting something new.

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Kelley is the author of Oh! Feeling Pretty! Can Trace Minerals Fight Viruses, Prevent Cancer, and Other Ailments?