Ace had great success in eliminating his signs of having autism, by consuming spirulina on a daily basis. Mom was tired of mixing the powdered substance and began to rely on spirulina in a capsule form. She still purchased the NOW Foods brand from (coupon code 298). For more than ten years, Mom and Ace have supplemented their diet by taking this form of spirulina. I take it, too, but sometimes I forget to take it every single day.
Since Mom saw the difference a natural food source can provide, she strongly believes that the haircare products from Monat are going to work.

She’s uses the Black shampoo, the intense conditioner, the rejuvenique oil and the vitamin supplements for over a month. Mom says her hair feels alive. It’s stronger! When she combs her hair, she’s not seeing strands in the teeth like before. She’s not seeing hair on her clothing after she washes her hair and then combs it out later.
At first, Mom was skeptical about the cost of purchasing these hair care products from Monat, even as a VIP (which offers a discount). But, when someone compared how many shampoos once can get from a single tube, compared to a drugstore brand, the price becomes very economical.

Another thing that makes Mom very skeptical is being on the flex program as a VIP, since she is obligated to purchased two more shipments every three months. But, Mom soon discovered that she would be given advanced notice for an upcoming shipment and if she didn’t need to reorder at that time, she can push the date back. Mom was elated in knowing this, since she washes her hair every other day and not everyday like I do. I need to have a new tube of the Black shampoo every three months, since I wash my hair every day. I guess when one does the math, Mom will need a tube every six months. However, since she’s taking the hair care supplements, Mom had to stock up on those bottles. One bottle contains 60 capsules and one daily serving includes two. Now, she could go with a different hair care supplement, but she has decided not to do this. Mom has tried other hair care supplements and didn’t care for the results.

One thing she loves being a VIP member, is that she will receive some really nice freebies in her shipment. My mom loves freebies which goes with her nickname, “Freebie Oberne.”

I don’t think Mom will ever become a hair care consultant like me, because it’s just not her thing. But, she will continue to make videos showcasing the progress she’s made, because she knows it’s important.

Much like when I was a cheerleader for Ace being able to escape the signs of having autism, Mom has become a cheerleader for those individuals wanting to get their hair back. For those individuals with thinning hair like Mom or showing signs of baldness, an anti-aging haircare product line might just work like it has for my mother and others that I have come to know.

There has been a lot of bad publicity about the only individuals promoting MonatGlobal haircare products are the Market Partners, like myself. What the public doesn’t know is that as a Market Partner (not a VIP like my mom) the opportunity to get a great discount on haircare products that work and then be able to share this wonderful news with others, is to tempting to pass up. Why not join the haircare revolution that uses natural ingredients and not something that is questionable?
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Kelley is a graduate from Radford University with a degree in criminal justice/martial arts. She was Miss Norfolk Teen USA and since this experience has been firm in her belief in using natural beauty products.