As I mentioned in part one, Momma made four videos to introduce herself and her hair care regiment. She had only been using new anti-aging hair care products for only two weeks.

After making these videos, I posted on my Facebook Hair Care Group a story about Shana. She began using the same hair care products as Momma and myself consistently for ten months. She claimed her hair had been trashed when she went through Weight Loss Surgery. A friend of hers, who also went through Weight Loss Surgery, was selling this so-called miracle potion. It took six months before Shana took the plunge into using this miracle potion. Well, of course, it’s the same hair care products Momma and I are using. After using it for 10 months, Shana got her edges back on both sides! Her bald spots are gone! But, she still working on getting her thickness back. Her final comment was, “Thank you, Jesus!”

As for myself, I loved getting my curls back! I feel like Shirley Temple, with all my curls!

It was interesting to learn about Shana and how getting Weight Loss Surgery had an affect on losing her hair! Momma had noticed she had a noticeable difference in the loss of her hair when she had a tumor removed on the left side of her face, near her eye. She assumed the hair would grow back, but it never did. But, she has noticed some improvement in that area after she started using this so-called miracle potion.

My next series of articles (as we wait for the Momma’s hair results), “A Green Food Miracle,” is about my older brother, Ace, living with a neurological disorder (pervasive developmental disorder) and how a miraculous food source enabled him to reverse the signs of having this disorder.

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