There are many beautiful reasons to stay happy, but the most beautiful reason is the news of a new baby into a family. The family gets completed with the birth of a child.

Do you want to show how happy you are by hearing the news of pregnancy?

Oh Yes! You can show this happiness by wearing 100% Cotton Tees. You can wear it with your favorite color. The expected Mommy and Daddy can buy these Mommy and Daddy to Be Tee Shirts from The product code is CO99403. 

Mommy and Daddy to be tee shirts as a Gift

These Mommy and Daddy to be tee shirts are also given as a gift from the friends of the family members. The expected couple can throw a party and wear these Tees to announce the arrival of a new baby.

Text on Tee Shirts

The shirts contain the text, “Promoted to Mommy” and “Promoted to Daddy”. The parents wear these tee shirts to announce the birth of their child. The parents are very happy and excited to share the news with the world.

Sharing the news on social media

Nowadays, the couple wears these Mommy and Daddy to be Tee Shirts and post their pictures on social media. The pictures are posted to share the big news. There is a trend to celebrate the baby shower as well, and these tee shirts can make the baby shower more beautiful.

Other Family Tee shirts

Don’t worry! The brother, sister and the grandparents of the new baby can also get their customized tee shirts from All the relatives of the baby can wear these tee shirts at the party.

Easy to Wear Tee Shirts

The tee shirts are comfortable. The tee shirts are available in Unisex Size. Moreover, different sizes are also available. The cotton tee shirts are easy to wear. 
The expected Mommy can wear this soft cotton tee shirt and feel the kick of the baby inside her. 

Affordable Price

The Mommy and Daddy to be Shirts and the other Family Tees are available at affordable prices. The list price is $25 and it is available at $23 on

Fast Delivery

You know what? It takes only 1 to 2 business days for the free delivery of these Tee shirts. The orders are delivered faster with the expedited shipping by

Guarantee of exchange

You won’t believe but there is a full guarantee of exchange. The exchange feature is available if the customer finds it uncomfortable to wear. The gives you the guarantee for the fitness of the tee shirts. 

The exchange feature can help the customer to get a perfect size. 

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Available colors for the tee shirts

The available colors include; green, light pink, maroon, navy, orange, pink, purple, red, royal, sport gray and white. 

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