For many entrepreneurial women with children at home, your working time is limited. Given this restriction, how do you balance the children, household tasks and work to keep your business growing?

One thing I know from having three children and a business is that it is a Catch-22. It’s hard to bring in more clients and more money when you don’t have the support. You need some type of child care. Yet it’s hard to afford childcare when you don’t have more clients and money coming in, right?

What I’ve experienced in my own life is that I need a single focus. What I mean is – when I’m with my clients they have to be my focus and when I’m with my children my attention must be with them. Any time you do anything less, you’re cheating one or the other which is never a good feeling or very productive.

But the outside help, whether it’s childcare or even a virtual assistant, can make the difference you need to get your business moving. To ramp up my business after having my first child, I paid a nanny $15 per hour for an 8-hour day, three days a week. I ended up paying her more than I made the first month! This seemed crazy, but it paid off in the next few months as my practice started to fill up again.

This same thing is true when you want to hire a virtual assistant or a team for your business. Sometimes you have to make the investment upfront, knowing that as soon as you do, you’ll focus like crazy on client attraction to bring in money, which will pay for that help.

So, if your time is limited, find a way to get more time. Whether you find childcare or an assistant, you need to free up even one day for client attraction. Then use the mix of methods to bring in those clients, including speaking, coffee dates with your spheres of influence, networking events, your ezine and warm letters. You can do a little of all of them in your one day of marketing per week and this can really help to bring those clients in quickly.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

What would be better for your situation? Childcare or the help of an assistant? Once you decide the right help for you, be sure to sit down and plan out what you will accomplish when you have that help. If you stay highly focused during this time, no matter how limited it is, you can be extremely productive to attract the clients you need to pay for this help in a short time frame.

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