All things take on the vibration of how they are used.

I myself have a really hard time trying to comprehend what it would be like, to have thousands or even millions in one’s bank account.

When you know you’re neighbors around the corner or across the waters cannot put food on the table for their families. Or dying from their harsh environments, because they have no clean water or shelter.

Are we really ? as human being’s that selfish and greedy that all we think about is owning that 2nd house or 2nd luxury car. That just burns the earths blood (oil), or those brand name boots and designer clothes.

Is this what life is about ? The world starves, the global elite eat and drink caviar and wine, while the rest of us eat bread and water. Their reserve banks rake in billions of dollars all over the world. Which by the way originally does not exist for them, until we pay it back.

And most of us willingly play their game and seem to love it !. That is if the game at the time seems to be going you’re way and you have 3 houses a holiday home and a big boat.

Then it’s all grand and we say to ourselves, if I don’t look at the people dying it won’t affect me. Because look I’m safe and I think I’m happy, well i have everything.

So who plays the biggest part in the game of monopoly that darkens our world, we do.

Ask yourself, is this what life is about ? If we all sat down and really thought about it most of us will say no, the most important thing in life is family.

Here is where I say, if we continue only to see our family as our immediate bloodline then we segregate ourselves become selfish, greedy and over protective. If you truly care, care about everyone.

Your family, our family is the entire human race and we all live in the same home (Earth). Are we to look after each other or fight and kill each other so we can own more than the next person.

With open arms, love and honesty needs to be integrated into all aspects of our lives. If we are to rise above the current human consciousness of power and greed.

If you want to leave something for your children, change the world they live in.

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