Money Anxiety Disorder: Dealing With Money Anxiety - How to Stop Worrying About Money

I believe when we are stressed about money we will tend to not able to sleep well, feel depress and tense. These are the common side effects when we have some financial difficulty.

People feel stress and anxious about they not earning enough to cover their costs. Then it is time for you to calculate carefully on your expenses and the question is, are you over spending?

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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Here are two quick tips on how to cope with anxiety in this situation, which I have tried out myself and it works for me.

1. Calculate Your Expenses

Are you over spending? Are you always spending on unnecessary stuffs? First decide what you absolutely need to spend: utilities, transportation, house loads etc. Then after deduct these, calculate the amount that left. Sit back and think, look at the things you can limit. You will be surprised that those small costs can be added up to a huge amount, which you can actually saved up monthly.

2. Compare Prices

You will be surprised to see the price different between one brand and another when you do a price comparison yourself.

Make a second thought before proceed to the cashier if you really need those items like ice cream, potato chips, chocolate, sweet and cookies. Shop like every penny counts.

Add on to this, you may consider creating a shopping list before you head to hypermarket; it helps to narrow down and buy only the things that is indeed necessary.

Try out with these two tips as a first start for you to cope with anxiety when money is concerned.

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Panic and anxiety attacks stem from the culmination of daily stress. Being able to keep the "normal" stress levels down will help you keep the occasional flare-up from affecting you too much. You need to abolish any of the thoughts that some of these techniques and exercises are silly or should be left to the idle rich who pamper themselves needlessly. Actively working to relax (understandably, it sounds unusual), will keep your overall "stress temperature" down and manageable, enabling you to easily stop anxiety attacks. Plus, it's a great state to be in feeling good, loose and refreshed most of the time.

Stress, overexertion or just plain "sleeping wrong" can cause the muscles in your back, shoulders and neck to tighten, causing discomfort. If one of your panic attack symptoms are headaches, the mere advent of a stiff neck or a trigger point in your trapezius can lead you to be anxious about an impending attack. Get it fixed with a massage to work out the stiffness. If you don't have the time or money to get one, do the next best thing and use heating pads or topical gels to get blood into the stiff area and then put a baseball on the floor, lie on it on the affected area and gently roll out the trigger point.

One way that stiffness might be getting into your shoulders is because you carry them too high. When you experience tension or stress, you might unconsciously raise them or hunch. Same thing with clenching your teeth. Be aware of this and remind yourself to do a "shoulder relax check" every so often throughout the day. This will help you to keep your overall tension levels lower.

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Thousands of sufferers have used hypnosis to cure and curb their addictions to smoking and eating. Why not use it for relaxation so you can stop anxiety attacks as well? Don't worry, we're not talking about the stage stuff pulled out of corporate parties or comedy clubs to embarrass members of the crowd. People who have been hypnotized report that a 20-minute session is sometimes as refreshing as a much longer nap. Go to a licensed hypnotherapist for your first few sessions. Thereafter, it should become easy to perform self-hypnosis as you've become "conditioned".

Water has been used for thousands of years by mankind to calm the mind. Think of all the poems written about a bubbling brook or gentle waves lapping at the beach. Try one of those desktop fountains or better yet a small fish tank with the white noise hum the aerator. Whether you get your fix directly from nature or something somewhat more man-made the result is the same.

Do activities or hobbies that relax you. Go fishing, sew, sing, paint or take photographs. Even hitting a bucket of balls on the driving range can get you in that "Zen" mindset and help the daily concerns melt away.

If you're inclined to have animals, spend time with your pet. Cuddle or play with them. There's little more invigorating than playing with a dog that can fetch a ball, stick or Frisbee. Both of you get to run around and spend quality exercise time. They'll love it and so will you. Talk to your pet about all the stress and anxiety you've been going through and you'll feel a lot better. Sometimes it helps to have someone listen who won't interrupt you, judge you or give you unnecessary advice.

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Is there really a way to manage your anxiety?

The answer is yes. I know of many little nick knacks that can lessen the severity and reduce the amount of attacks and decrease how often they happen.

But honestly do you really want to learn to "manage" your attacks? I've got to ask why anyone would want to learn to "manage" their anxiety when there is a way to eliminate them for GOOD!

Is it because some sufferers are afraid of such a change? I guess if you've been living with it for 20+ years you might fear change. Or maybe it's because you don't truly "believe" there really is a way to eliminate anxiety and panic disorder for good! And probably the most worrisome and debilitating thought you can get stuck with would be "mine is different to everyone else's, it won't go away".

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For as long as you keep a mind set like those I just mentioned, I guarantee you that you will be stuck with living and trying to manage your anxiety.

But I can also guarantee you that if you make the change in your mind, start believing there really is a way out of this painstaking life limiting thing we call anxiety and panic disorder then it becomes possible.

Start by removing the question "How can I manage my anxiety" and start replacing it with this question instead "What can I do to eliminate my anxiety for good!?"

When people eliminate anxiety from their lives that is the question they are asking themselves! They believe "YES I AM GOING TO BREAK FREE OF THIS". They refuse to accept the fact that this is it for life. They actively try methods to eliminate it, not methods that just manage it.

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Using exercise as a means to preventing panic attacks. Why? Because, as a long-time sufferer who took control of my cure and is now living free and clear of them, I can attest to the power of a good regimen to keeping you calm and cool, even under significant pressure. Let me outline the last part of creating - and keeping, to a routine that works for you.

Be A Student - Don't Worry, This Isn't Algebra
I think one of the reasons why people don't enjoy exercise is because of it being something of a "mystery" to them. How many calories should I be eating? How do I use the equipment at the gym? Am I doing this right? There are plenty of free or inexpensive options for you to learn your "exercise craft". If you are shooting to lose weight, learn to eat healthy. If you're hoping to gain weight, know how to do it intelligently to gain quicker and prevent injury. Just a small bit of knowledge quickly melts away a lot of the apprehension to "doing it right."

Also, get out the charts and review your journal. Are you losing weight? Gaining it (if you are wanting to add muscle)? Running the mile faster? Can do more pushups? It's rewarding to look back and feel satisfied. Especially if you hit a plateau in your progress. Reminding yourself on how far you've come is often motivating to keep going.

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Having The Right Mindset - Is It Really This Easy?
Remember: We're not trying to become the next Mr. or Mrs. Olympia. We're only trying to use the benefits of exercise to our personal panic attack treatment. That means have fun! Working out is not fun if you constantly put too much pressure on yourself. The key is to be consistent, not perfect. If you do this well, you're on your way to preventing panic attacks now and in the future.

If you are not seeing results, don't fret it. It normally takes at least eight weeks for results to show up visually. Use your workout journal to remind yourself of the small, incremental changes. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will the new you. Routine will be the key to you keeping with this integral part of preventing panic attacks.

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