Money. It affects us all. We each have a relationship with money that is either healthy or restrictive. Many people just go about their daily lives, working at a job in order to pay what needs to be paid and get through till the next month.

When I got out of nursing school at age 23, I worked three days a week and earned about $50,000 annually. I was single, carefree and took vacations whenever I wanted. I valued my freedom and was excellent at my job.

Then a few years later I decided to marry and my life changed dramatically. I became a doctor's wife and step-mother of two. I no longer needed my income and quit my nursing career.

This chapter in my life regressed my relationship with money. I experienced wealth from another angle, and in retrospect, realized that the new beliefs I integrated were actually limiting my personal prosperity potential.

I take full responsibility for the effects these alternate money experiences had on me. I completely relinquished everything I had attracted into my life as an independent, single person. I had graduated valedictorian and received multiple awards while establishing a rewarding nursing career and income. However, I eventually neglected myself and became a follower of someone else's money system.

In this relationship, money was handled very differently. Beliefs that I were exposed to included the following: money was a tool to control and manipulate, material possessions instead of self-love were used to fill emotional needs, and wealthy people abused their power by belittling others.

I had allowed myself to view money as a bad thing. We ultimately dissolved the relationship, but it's taken a while to repair my personal connection to wealth, career, and finances.

While in the marriage, none of this occurred to me. It wasn't until I learned about subconscious patterning and programming that it finally clicked. Because of someone that I elevated as an authority figure, I took on unhealthy beliefs about abundance and financial freedom. I was angry and frustrated at him and associated those emotions with having money and being rich.

I was capable of earning substantial income myself because I had done it in the past. But for several years, I let that part of me shrivel up. I adopted someone else's negative beliefs and it affected my whole relationship with money.

After we divorced, I became a single mom and again took on a stereotype - the struggling single parent trying to make ends meet and care for a small child. Almost a decade later, I knew I had the ability to create more for myself. Something had to change and it had to start with my issues with money.

Working with purpose and conscious awareness, I was extremely honest and accountable for my beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and actions. This was all my doing and now it became my un-doing.

I studied intently on the science as well as metaphysical aspects related to unconscious programming and the old stories we tell ourselves. We can pick up these beliefs from anyone - parents, spouses, religious leaders, teachers, and media such as the news or television shows. None of them are necessarily considered true unless that is what you incorporate as your Truth.

When you understand that your brain is running the software that you personally installed, you can then determine if it's positive or negative and decide whether to leave it or update it.

Maybe you have an amazing relationship with money and you attract all that you need and want. If you're like most people, though, you picked up restricting beliefs at some point in your life and created resistance with wealth.

As a child, you may have grown up to believe that you had to work multiple jobs like your dad just to get the bills paid. Perhaps you read the newspaper everyday and bought into the idea that the economy sucks and rich people are corrupt. Do you ever find yourself telling your friends, "I have the worst luck" or "As soon as I make money, it goes."

All of these repeated phrases and underlying thoughts can hinder a consciousness of prosperity. I had to develop the habit of mindful awareness with everything I was feeling, thinking, saying, or doing. If I realized I was putting out to the universe a belief of lack, I dug deep to find the root of it then reconditioned myself with a new set of beliefs.

It may seem weird and awkward at first trying to insert a whole different mindset into your neurological system. However, the only way your outer circumstances will shift is by shifting your inner perceptions first and clearing out imprints that no longer serve you.

Spirit has so much abundance waiting for us, but when the channels of receptivity are blocked, no money, rewards, or good fortune can enter.

Do a self-assessment of your financial beliefs. What are some sentences you replay in your mind or in conversations about money? What are your core money beliefs, who told you to believe in them, and are they true?

Figure out if you still want to continue believing in what you once thought was an accurate reflection of money. If you want to develop a new relationship with money based on financial freedom, thriving in life, and abundance in all forms, then start by becoming consciously aware of your money beliefs.

I still notice money blocks creeping in sometimes and commit myself daily to removing them. Through continual effort you can develop the habit of sustaining a consciousness based on our natural states of love, abundance, freedom, well-being, and joy.

Be the bliss, Alice

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Alice enjoys teaching others about personal and spiritual development. Visit her on Facebook at Alice Landry - Wealth & Wisdom.