Webster's definition of master is "a person who has dominance or control of something," and this plays a large role in money management. Dominating or controlling something or someone can sound negative but when we're talking money, it's a very good thing. If you aren't in control of your money, you'll become a slave to it, and it will feel as if it's controlling you. This often leaves people feeling frustrated, powerless, ashamed, stressed and overwhelmed.

I've met many people who are indeed slaves to their money. It's like their money has its own voice and is saying "Spend me, spend me." The slaves oblige and do whatever their money declares them to as they open up their wallets once again.

The good news--no matter how long your money has been the one in control, you can take that control back! Sure, it probably won't feel easy, but I can promise you that it'll be worth it.

Your world will change when you become the master of your money! You'll feel in total control. Begin mastering your money management by following these four steps:

Step 1: Change Your Behavior. Have you ever heard of behaving your way to success? It means acting in ways that are positively in alignment with achieving your goals. If you know certain behaviors are sabotaging your success, why not change the behavior? Change your behavior and see what happens as a result.

For example, if every morning you go to the drive-thru for coffee and you know that spending less every week would help you achieve your financial goals, change your behavior. Decide before the week begins how many times you'll stop for morning coffee and how many times you'll prepare it before leaving home.

Or if you know that you're overspending because you're unhappy somewhere else in your life, commit to dealing with those issues. Change your behavior and see what happens as a result. If you have an issue that feels too overwhelming to take on alone, see a therapist who can help you work through it so you can make a successful shift in your behavior.

Step 2: Have a Game Plan. This is the second most important step to becoming the master of your money. Run your life with a plan. When you do this, you'll know where you're headed and you'll have a navigation tool to help you get there. Write down your financial goals for the year -- which debts to pay down, emergency savings and retirement savings goals. Now write down how you'll get there (your game plan). Take a look at where you could decrease spending or possibly increase your income from part-time work to achieve your goals. Monitor your progress monthly and make necessary adjustments to stay on financial track.

Step 3: Work Hard and Be Patient. Remember, I said mastering your money wouldn't be easy. It's hard work, especially during the initial steps because it's all new and you're making big changes. Changes can be a little unsettling and you might sometimes feel you want to go back to status quo. Resist the urge to go back to your comfort zone. Comfort zones don't always equal a happy place. Your hard work will pay off. Be patient. A master in life understands that it takes time to achieve big things. You may not see results right away but if you stick with it, you'll begin to notice the state of your finances changing for the better.

Step 4: Practice, Practice and Practice. Masters keep working at whatever it is they want to become a master at -- using their minds to think about how to be better, applying what they learn, seeing what works and what doesn't, and recognizing and celebrating their successes. Mastering your money is no different. Think about your money -- how to make it work for you, how to save more, and how to make more. Don't give up! Keep striving to be the master of your money and celebrate all your successes along the way.

When you change your behavior, have a game plan, work hard, have patience, and practice, practice and practice some more. You'll be well on your way to exceptional money management! I know you can do it. I've seen many people who have!

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Financial Coach Cindy Parran Brochu helps the financially stressed to simplify their money lives. Want to discover money plan strategies that REALLY work? Visit http://www.ReduceYourMoneyStress.com for your free copy of Money Mastery 101: How to Reduce Your Money Stress and Simplify Your Life.