Whether you're looking to change the way you relate to money or want to learn how to set boundaries in relation to spending, you'll need to draw on power from within to help you set your money plan. Money power has nothing to do with how many zeros come before the period but it has everything to do with developing your inner strength in order to feel a strong sense of financial purpose.

When you hold a strong sense of financial purpose, there will be nothing or no one that can knock you off course.

Here are six rules you can begin to incorporate into your life to help you harness your money power:

1. Know yourself. A strong sense of self is the foundation of money power. If you define yourself by what others think of you, it's a sign of weakness and can lead to spending in areas that you normally wouldn't-all to try to impress. Meanwhile, your finances get the consequences. Understand your likes and dislikes and what's most important in your life. This will lead you to act in ways that are in the best interest for you and your money and increase your money power at the same time.

2. Live passionately. Is there that something that motivates you to get up every day? Passion is the fuel for keeping us moving and achieving. Approach your financial life in the same way - get excited about working toward your financial goals and embrace the feeling of a financially enriched life. Deciding to live with passion when it comes to your money will by default harness your money power.

3. Keep to a plan. People with money power not only have a goal but a means to reach it. It doesn't matter how intelligent or smart you are. If you don't have a map to guide you to your destination, then you are wasting your intelligence and drive. How will you reach your financial goals? Money planning is all about creating and following action steps to help you reach your desired financial destination. Money power comes from taking steps to achieve your financial goals.

4. Be truthful. People who feel a sense of power with their money aren't in denial about their finances. They don't fill their minds with justification or excuses about their situation, but confront the truth head on. Being in denial about the state of your finances creates a feeling of powerlessness. Those who possess money power got there by looking the truth right in the eye, even when it was painful. They admit to how they relate to money - making it, spending it, and saving it.

5. Be proactive. Achieving a powerful life with money isn't accomplished by being sedentary and expecting results. If you're unsure how to start making changes in your financial life, seek out advice and a coach who can help you. It's okay if you make some mistakes along the way. In fact, give yourself permission to do so. That's how you'll grow! As you become more proactive about your money, you'll notice a difference in how you feel on the inside.

6. Believe in you! Until you really and truly believe you can pay off your debt, find the money to increase your retirement savings, or get your spending under control, you'll be in a state of disempowerment. To begin believing that you can make a difference in your financial life, start taking action, however small. Be sure to recognize each and every success. Doing so helps you believe more in yourself and your abilities. This will move you toward even bigger financial successes.

Isn't it time you begin harnessing your money power and an effective money plan?

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Financial Coach Cindy Parran Brochu helps the financially stressed to simplify their money lives. Want to discover money plan strategies that REALLY work? Visit http://www.ReduceYourMoneyStress.com for your free copy of Money Mastery 101: How to Reduce Your Money Stress and Simplify Your Life.