We all retreat to the comfort of the air conditioner during the hot summer months. People generally go with the air conditioner settings that are there by default and then complain when their electricity bills hit the roof. Here is some money saving tips for your air conditioner.

  • You need to properly calibrate your thermostat. This will see to it that the temperature control and operating cycle are maintained properly. The benefit of it is that operating cost will be controlled and your comfort level is assured.
  • Improper refrigerant can damage the compressor which lies at the heart of the air conditioning system. Improperly charged systems will result in improved electric bills because this will reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning system. With the proper refrigerant change will provide longer equipment life and lower the utility bills.
  • A dirty condenser coil will reduce the air conditioning system’s ability to reject and remove heat from your home. This will make your system run longer, increasing the electricity bills. A clean condenser coil provides for proper heat rejection, reduced run time and lower energy bills. A dirty air conditioning condenser can lead to failure of the system and ac repair.
  • Dirt and dust escaping from the house through the air conditioning filter have a tendency to cling to the moist coil. This results in the restriction of air flow through the coil thereby reducing the capacity and performance of the air conditioning unit. Maintaining the evaporator coil will see to it that the proper air flow is delivered to all areas of the house. If you inspect and change the air filter on a monthly basis it will reduce the need for costly repairs.
  • As the air conditioner removes heat from your home humidity is extracted from the air. The condensation which is created by warmer air passing over a cold coil is drained from the system through the condensate drain line. The drain must be checked and kept clear of any algae or foreign particles. Doing this helps prevent costly water damage and also helps to maintain the correct humidity levels.
  • Dirty blower wheels have the potential to affect the air flow to the home. This limits the capacity of the air conditioning system and affects your comfort. Dust particles are spread that irritate the sinus and cause allergies. Ensure that you have a clean blower wheel and a fan motor that provides the highest air flow.

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