If you are planning your wedding day and are looking at the huge variety of options there in venues for weddings Toms River NJ, and beyond, you may feel surprised to see how high the prices can go. Getting married can be an expensive affair so let's look at some tips for saving money when it comes to choosing your wedding venue.

Choose a less expensive time of year

Some times of the year they are a lot more popular. People want sunny clear days. That makes summer an especially popular time to have weddings so everything costs more, including venues. Venues also tend to be booked up much further in advance for peak wedding season. To have a better chance at booking for a closer date, or to get a more affordable rate you might consider having your wedding in the off-season time. You might even find a venue that was just out of your range before, is something you can afford this way.

Consider reducing the number of guests you invite

This is an important day and of course, you want people you know to celebrate it with you, but the more people you invite the more expensive the wedding will be. You will need a larger venue which costs more, as well as needing to feed them and such. Keeping it a more intimate wedding means a more affordable venue.

Have the ceremony and reception in one place

Traditionally people have the service in one venue, sometimes a religious one, sometimes a civil one, and then have the celebration or wedding reception Toms River, or elsewhere. You could choose to have both in one place and that could save money on venue costs and also in things like flower costs, as there is only one place to decorate not two.

There are great affordable venues

There are many venue options for weddings Toms River NJ that are lovely and still budget-friendly. Here are some ideas for outdoor affordable options. When having an outdoor wedding nature can make a huge impact on the beauty of the day. Just be sure to clean up the area afterward.

  • Parks – It does mean other members of the public will be around but you could still have a lovely time. Perhaps the two of you met at a certain park, so that would make it more meaningful.
  • Beach – If you love the sound of the waves you could have a beach wedding. Have it at sunset to make it a beautiful experience. Look into the differences between public and private beaches though.
  • Riverside – You get the sound of running water if there is a safe spot, children can go paddling to cool down. A river is a lovely place to get married and celebrate the union. If not next to the river, you could hire a river cruise for a small party after.
  • Someone's backyard – Whether it is your backyard or a friend's this is a free place to have the celebration. With flowers already blooming here would not need to be a lot of flower arrangements, and you can get some lovely wedding photos of the wedding reception Toms River.
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