Money is energy. Money is neither good nor bad in itself. So if money is energy and neither good nor bad, why do you need so much of it and how can you get more of it and never have to worry about making money ever again? Do you ever ask: How can I make more money? HOW?

If you are asking that, it's the wrong question and you will get a faulty answer. Let's go back to the Law of Attraction for a moment. You know that you are emitting energy signals or frequencies all the time. You are an energy being; in fact all creation is simply energy in motion, bending and realigning and morphing into new expressions. The energy you emit is your attracting, magnetic factor to all your life experiences and to your money as well.

In other words, the person you presently are, the energy entity you call "Me" is fluxing and changing moment by moment. You know this and easily recognize this energy movement by your emotions and feelings. From one moment to the next your energy signals new possibilities and creates the different probabilities that you are attracting. By the Law of Attraction, your thoughts, feelings and emotions create your energy frequencies and as your energy seeks like energy, you attract a similar level of abundance and manifestation into your experience.

Here is a glimpse: you are, by nature, that is, in essence, infinite life force, you are divine Source, God, condensed down, down, down through all the dimensions of spirit into physical matter and into a human being. You must be this divine Life energy, because nothing can exist outside of All-That-Is by definition, and therefore all creation must be made of the same stuff as this divine Source. Quantum physics calls this the Quantum Field.

You are like a yo-yo of delightful experience that Source is playing with, dipping you into a game on planet earth where you create yourself as separate from Source. This is an impossible conundrum of course, because you cannot not be Source.

The game you are playing as a human being is simply God experiencing not-being-God for a while. Your task, your challenge in this life, is to remember who you are and to return to claiming your divine essence identity. Hence the game of life. You bounce from one polarity experience to the opposite; from joy to sorrow, from power to fear, from no power to flowing creative power, from stupid to wise, victim to creator, and you experience, we all experience, all the stops between these opposites. This is the game of human experience, ups and downs along the emotional scale that create our realities.

Your identity, who you believe you are, what you think you deserve because of who you think you are, will attract your money, your business, your relationships, your education, your lifestyle and ultimately, your happiness. If you want to change any one or all of these, you must recognize that you, and only you, create your life; it's an inside job. If you want to change your life and change how much money you have, you must change how you think and feel about who you are. You must create yourself as the powerful creator you really are, but have forgotten.

Let yourself reclaim your true Identity, your true essence which is none other than Source, God-sonship. When a spiritual master once said: The Father and I are One, he knew this secret. It's up to you to make this your highest priority pursuit: that of living as your true Essence and creating the life and amazing experiences you desire. You create the amount of money you have in your life by either limiting or allowing money energy to come to you. It's all part of the game of your life. Play to Be Who you really Are and see what an amazing life you can create.

Author's Bio: 

Marie Barrett is an author, teacher and life coach. Through her book, Holistic Wealth, A Guide to Creative and Joyful Living, and many other writings, she teaches integrative spirituality and offers strategies and insights into manifesting whatever you want in life.