Long before Madonna was the Material Girl, feng shui experts knew that accumulating wealth is one way to measure our success in the world. Creating a welcoming space that honors the money you already have is just one of the feng shui secret tools for attracting more money to you.

Imagine that you area already wealthy and you deserve the best. Your wallet and/or your handbag should reflect that image. If your money is living in a ratty old wallet with ripped seams and tattered edges, update it. Spend some of your hard earned cash on a new wallet. Invest in a new purse. Treat yourself (and your dollars) to the best you can afford. It doesn't have to be expensive or even fancy. The idea is to give your money a fresh and well maintained space to hang out in. Even those beautifully printed paper wallets that you can find in Chinese gift shops serve the purpose (as long as you replace it each time it begins to show wear & tear).

Once you've got he new carrying case for your money, the next step is keeping it clutter-free. Try to keep the money from being lost in a jumble of other stuff. Make sure your billfold doesn't have receipts poking out of every crevasse. Tidy up your credit cards (do you really need to carry so many?). Look at the bottom of your handbag at least once a week and remove all the stale gum, candy wrappers, grocery lists, empty mint tins, and spare change that has accumulated there.

Money guru Suze Orman espouses feng shui concepts. One of Orman's suggestions is that all bills in your wallet should be organized facing the same direction and in order of ones to twenties and so on. Being able to quickly count how much money you have with you makes you more conscious of your personal wealth. Once you become more aware of how to respect and handle money, you open the door for more wealth to come in.

Author's Bio: 

Katy Allgeyer has over 20+ years of feng shui practice and is the author of the Feng Shui By Fishgirl blog (http://fengshuibyfishgirl.com).