Every year, around the month of June, the monsoon season of India begins. For most people the rains are a dire hindrance to their day-to-day responsibilities, especially the people of Mumbai who have to take the train to go to work or get out of the house to earn a living everyday. The pours sometimes cause water logged roads and heavy traffic jams, not to mention the very common train delays and frequency cut downs due to flooded rail tracks. The slum areas of Mumbai go through the worst; many slum dwellers do not have proper roofs or drainage systems to withstand heavy rains. Though many of these things a Mumbaikar has to go through are unfortunate, there are ways to enjoy the monsoons to the fullest - by travelling!

During the monsoons, natural life exuberantly flourishes blanketing landscapes with lush greenery. All of India is radiating at this point which gives adventurers, explorers and avid travellers an opportunity to reconnect with the nature. This is not the case in India alone, but since the nation has a seasonal rainfall, many months of the year are dry and hot opposed to the monsoon season.

Here is a list of places you can visit during this monsoon to not only gaze upon:


Kerala is a small state in India that resides on the southern tip on the Malabar coastline. You will undeniably notice distinctions here from the rest of India, in term’s of language, culture, food and wildlife. During the monsoon season, few of this states attractions are pieces of jaw-dropping beauty. In the backwaters region is Kumarakom where the monsoon experience is splendid. Other major stops are Wayanad the hill station (which is dominated by waterfalls, solitary tree-houses and greenery), Kovalam beach, Bekal fort among many others.

2.Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is on the opposite end from Kerela: the far north. The roads here pose risks of landslides during the monsoon, calling for excessive precaution. However, once you reach the mountain tops, you are greeted with the most bizarrely beautiful views. Places such as Parvati valley, Tosh and Malana are the most popular destinations. Mountain top localities are also famous for spirituality and religious activities.


Kodaikanal is a hill station in the Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu. It used to be, and still is, a very popular destination during the British rule. Abundant hills offer a great view - they are called the ‘blue hills’. You will find the most pleasant climate and natural beauty here. Major attractions include Dolphins nose view point, pine forest and Vattakanal Falls, since these places let you soak in the most aesthetics.


Meghalaya is the most popular north-eastern state in India; and it stands apart from all destinations mentioned above. There is Cherapunjee here which is the wettest place on Earth with rains almost everyday of the year. Major attractions include Nohkalikai Falls, Seven Sisters falls, Dawki, Cherapunjee and Krem Puri caves (worlds deepest) among the rest. The green landscapes here beat all the rest.

Since the monsoon season lasts only for a few months, you can book a tour package to these places instead of booking domestic flight tickets online by yourself as Tour packages include places of visit, best hotel prices and all other requirements. The whole process is much faster. Whatever you decide, the monsoons on India are absolutely stunning and a nature lovers delight. The flora and fauna can mesmerize you completely since only when there is water, there is life.

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Sarvesh Raul is a travel writer. He enjoys exploring new cultures and is deeply intrigued by wild life. In his free time, he enjoys reading or watching documentary films. He is suggested you can book a tour package to these places instead of booking domestic flight tickets online by yourself as tour packages include places of visit, best hotel prices and all other requirements.