The following is an energy snapshot month by month for the year 2011.

It is the Year of the rabbit says the Chinese Horoscope. So let’s hop to it!


Overall theme of the year

There will be lots of opportunity to put your priorities in order this year. The choices we make will be influenced by the heart-head connection that has come in this past year. To bring a higher level of

consciousness to all of your dealings. It will be easier to come from the clarity, truth and honest levels that heart brings into the way we will be dealing with ourselves and others.

The awareness that we are all connected on this planet will have an opportunity to be understood from a deeper level as well. We are asked to recognize any way we have been relying on others for those

things we can do for ourselves. We are able to see more clearly our ability to create for ourselves by watching how others doing it for us is not necessarily working. You are at the whim of others when You are not being responsible for yourself.

As the year progresses we see a much larger gap show up between the individuals willing to be heart head connected and those determined to stay focused solely in their heads.


The energy of January brings with it the creative energies of shifting things up a bit. Be aware of your emotions and tap into your intuition to know how best to move forward in your life. There is a huge push for us all to take the steps through the new door and that it be done gently.

There is always the ability to see the same thing in a different way. Be open to the possibilities around You because You always have around You the things You really need, it just may look different than You expected. You have a fish, no way to cook it... so eat sushi!

There will be a strong draw towards being fully connected to ourselves and to others with flow and ease. Making changes now can be a gentle process.


You have nothing to concern yourself with about being...if You are being responsible for yourself. Taking the clarity of sight that comes of the past it is time to look forward and know that the harmony and balance You desire can be created by being honest with yourself about what is serving and what is taking away from your success.

Remember that love has a tough side to it as well and that compassion most serving comes from a detached place. Time to look after anything outstanding, including emotionally, so that You will be able to move forward in an honest way with the people around You. Asking for the same integrity of those You are interacting with will serve greatly, as well.


With the new energy bursting forth in this month it would be easy to take actions quickly without a lot of thought about the outcome. The reminder is to just pause so that You can make decisions based on the wisdom of a strong leader that has experienced life and has integrated all that experience. Do your best to take action from this mature powerful place that resides inside of You.

It is definitely indicated that the actions You take now will quickly show You how much wisdom You are coming from and calling on.


Again shows us that the ability to use power wisely serves greatly.

Your courage to be responsible for how You want to be in your life will show You rewards in the joy and peace You will experience.

There will be opportunity for new emotional growth and finding a way to nurture this even before it happens will allow it to be gentle growth. It is when You spend time knowing your true nature, attention can come to places that cause You to attain great expansion. Not all the places You look will be easy and enjoyable. Know that the results will be worth it. Look for ways to allow this expansion to come in a way that is sustainable.


This month You may be inclined to take up a cause and act from an inspired place.

Your footing will be more solid by this time of the year. A lot of what You have started early in the year is starting to gel and give rise to the next best actions to take. A reminder after setting priorities early in the year, to not fill your personal, mental and emotional space just to fill it. Allow Yourself to leave room for expansion of the things that really serve You.


Here’s an opportunity for things to start moving forward again and that You will recognize the strength to make any changes or to do what is needed this month. Advice for this month would be to stay in your center. When others around You get caught in the storm your center is going to be the best place for You AND the best place for You to help others from AND the best place for You to take advantage of opportunities that come up.

If You allow yourself to go off center You may not even notice the opportunities let alone get in on them. This month might have challenges that seem some what daunting. If You are willing to give priority to what needs doing then You will recognize the strength and fortitude to get things done and sorted.


It is a good time to move towards the things You enjoy and love to do. There is a strong desire to do this and You may need to listen really closely to your inner knowing so that You are not drawn into doing things the way other people think You should do.

It is important to watch how much You put forward to others about what You think they should do in their personal lives as well. By staying focused on what You are feeling in relation to what You are doing or wanting to do, chances are that You will find greater success than if You listen to others about what You should do.


If You have been paying attention to what You are called to do then now is the time for blossoming and expression of your joy. You will actually be able to see the ways that all the inner growth You’ve done is being manifest. If You have honestly evaluated and moved forward with integrity then this month is a good time to start into new relationships, friendships and business ventures where Your value is recognized.

A beautiful month to bask in the radiance of having taken responsibility for You.


It is time to focus on your path and keep doing what is right in front of You. If any new paths You have chosen are not manifesting as quickly as You like remember to stay in the now and keep going in the direction You set for yourself in the beginning.

There is a successful outcome indicated for those that just keep putting one foot in front of the other towards the goal they set. The ground You travel over one step at a time may not stay even or even easy to travel over but by continuing on things come into alignment with a fulfilling completion.


It is now time to forgive Yourself and others on a deeper level for anything that You perceived has been done to You or You have done to yourself. By forgiving yourself and accepting fully where You are at then You can reverse and release any energies that would keep You where You are at. By accepting and forgiving on this deeper level, You can release any resistance that keeps You tied and move forward freely.

You will open yourself to greater potential and your perspective will free You to partake of and integrate in the greater changes that are happening on this planet. If You run into any difficulties this month and are facing forward and see no avenues of escape or solution then make sure You Look around behind You and to the sides of You because there are always other options and avenues if You are flexible and look around.


It is time to be open and willing to experience the new energies coming into our lives this month. These energies are going to bring in a new level of wisdom and guidance. Bringing your attention in again while these energies integrate and allowing your inner guidance to teach You how to best be in these new energies.

To be like a newborn and open up to being teachable will serve You in gaining the most benefit of any shifts that happen though out the month and beyond. Staying with an attitude of humble will stop You from running into any denser energies that may show up in others that are feeling resistant to the bigger changes happening in your community and the world. Remember the light is always there even if it is behind the clouds or on the other side of the planet for a time.

“Love sometimes wants to do us a great favor: hold us upside down and shake all the nonsense out.” -Hafiz


Another great month for taking action in a balanced way. Allow your decisions and plans to reflect your personal desires and heart centered choices. The question to ask yourself this month is ‘Am I doing this out of love?’. Also a good time for recognizing the value and abilities that You have to offer to yourself and others. Offering them and seeing the appreciation reflected in the receiving.

Where You offer your value to will bring connection with others that are in resonance with valuing themselves as well. Following your values and inspired action will provide You with all You need and allow You to feel the satisfaction of fulfillment in doing what You know You are meant to do. By just doing without paying attention to what You are in alignment with You may miss out on the fullness that is available to You.

It is time to accept the abundance that is always available to You. You really can have all that You desire.


The year of 2011 is going to continue to ask us to be more authentic and honest with ourselves about our dreams and desires and expression of them into the world. There are months we are called to outward action and then months to slow up and spend time listening inwardly. Just like we are set up to live with the balance of the in breath and the out breath so are we called to balance our lives adventuring inwardly and outwardly. Enjoy your year!

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy Lynn

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Energy of transformation in the air, so it is time to wake up and live what your heart is called to live and express.
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