If you’ve read much of my stuff, you know that I do go on–and on–about the evils of soy.

Why is soy bad? Besides stealing all your minerals, giving you kidney stones and depressing your thyroid function something fierce, soy is, among other things, estrogenic. That is, it adds bogus estrogen to your system.

The bogus estrogen takes over, your real estrogen becomes homeless and wanders around causing problems. Read on to see what I mean by ‘problems.’ Scary stuff.

And soy isn’t the only thing that floods us with pseudo estrogen.

Flaxseed is estrogenic. Agribusiness beef is more and more so. So is the BPA plastic that coats the interior of canned foods and beverages–and is also used to make baby bottles and teething rings. (Why does anybody think babies need estrogen?) And some of the plastics that bottled water, etc., comes in cause troubles. If the triangular recycle code on the bottom of the bottle or container–and they don’t always make it obvious–has a 1, 3 or 7 in it, it’s bad stuff.

And, hold on to your hats folks, now they find that dairy products also pump estrogen into us.

Most milk and other dairy products come from high-production dairies. In the last thirty years or so, these factories have nearly tripled the milk output per cow by keeping the cows constantly pregnant. Besides making them unhealthy, this raises estrogen levels in the cow’s milk astronomically.

Lots of studies point to heavy use of dairy products as a cause of endocrine (breast, prostate, etc.) cancers. And what’s “heavy use?” For an adult male, two or three glasses of milk a day.

Here’s how it goes: Your body squirts out dabs of the hormone estrogen from emitter cells. The estrogen wanders through your system until it finds receptor cells that fit. Then it does a key-in-the-lock sort of thing, at which point it can get to work. At least, that’s how it supposed to go.

Things change when false estrogen shows up. The bogus estrogen finds the receptor cells and jumps in; it fits, but it doesn’t work. Meanwhile, the real stuff has nowhere to go and no way to work. Havoc ensues.

Too much of this nonsense, and you become estrogen dominant, a very bad thing to become.

For women, estrogen dominance means everything affected by estrogen–and what isn’t?–goes haywire. PMS, endometriosis, painful periods, and on, and on. Including breast cancer.

In men, estrogen dominance starts turning testosterone into estrogen, a bad thing if only because you can grow breasts. And lose your libido. And so forth, including prostate cancer.

Boys end up going through life with low testosterone levels.

Girls go from diapers to puberty in a trice–and start in with the PMS, etc.

Bogus estrogen throws the entire endocrine system into a tizzy. Other glands try to get everything back in balance again, but they go down to defeat like a bunch of dominos.

Forty years ago or so, endocrine problems hit 20% of us–one in five. Now endocrine problems take down 50% of us–one in two.

Forty years ago, soy wasn’t in 60% of our food. Plastics didn’t damage us. And milk was still good for us.

We need to figure ut what we can do about this mess. Bogus estrogen isn’t the only thing that drags down our health, but it’s huge, and if we don’t fight back, it’ll get worse.

But at least there’s hope in dairyland. Get your dairy products from a family farm that treats it cows well–letting them feed on grass instead of cramming them full of grains and antibiotics, follows a humane schedule of pregnancies and the like, or consider goats’ milk. It tastes quite similar to cows’ milk, and the farms are not factories.

Meanwhile, have you seen the television ads claiming soy milk helps the heart? Riiight. And a stick of dynamite trims the nails.

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