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Wellness constitutes a balance of mental well-being, emotional well-being, and physical well-being.
Pinkymind, the online wellness platform holds expertise in counseling and therapy sessions. It recently also launched a range of new features that now make the app more user-friendly and approachable even for someone who isn't in mental distress. One of the key features is a mood tracker. The tracker allows the user to choose from a variety of emoticons that represent various
different moods. In addition to which one can also add a note.

Importance of Tracking Mood Patterns

Tracking one’s mood can assist in monitoring one's mental wellness. The provision for making notes also helps in understanding the positive and negative triggers of one’s mood. If one's mood is on the positive side of the spectrum then this tracker can help users understand what they should continue doing to keep up with the same mood. The concern is when more often than not users have
constant negative moods. While the triggers and their intensity can be identified, this information is
also very valuable for a wellness expert to look into when one reaches out for assistance. The aim is
to make this a habit for the users where they are always aware of their moods and mental state.

Individual and Organisational Benefits

Moods are one of the important factors that get impacted during a positive or negative situation. On an individual level of understanding, the triggers help keep track of concerns and issues. A constant low mood or one of embarrassment or worry can lead to mental illnesses like depression or anxiety.
To visit an expert, the individual must first be aware of their mood pattern. For an organisation, it is important to understand the overall mood of the employees. A certain mood enhances or affects certain key aspects at work. Moods can affect productivity, workspace environment, and even team dynamics. The data from this tracker can not only help in understanding the overall mood at the workplace but the notes can reveal if any of the triggers are work-related and the organization can
then take action to better them.

Pinkymind, an online counseling platform, prepares a foundation to address emotional issues and fight back against mental illnesses and burnout. Experts on Pinkymind platform deal with issues faced by stressed-out teenagers, disgruntled spouses and aid people who wish to take a step towards improving their mental health. This easy-to-use platform helps user discuss their problems
without revealing their identity. The process is quite simple and secure.

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