There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy” this famous Shakespearean quote perfectly explains how little do we know about things that are present in our surroundings. This notion can be implied on Horoscope and Astrology as well.

A birth chart which is considered the basis of every Astrological study is way more extensive than we think. There are a lot of significant components that we don’t even know about. One such important element is the Moon sign that apparently happens to be an extremely crucial aspect of Astrology which most of the people choose to overlook. So let’s dig into it to know a little more about Moon sign and its significance in our life.

So What’s More Important, Sun Sign or the Moon Sign?

Every birth chart has a few prominent elements such as stars, planets, and ascendants. These cosmic entities tremendously influence one’s character and personality. Therefore, to make out about an individual, one needs to understand its birth chart.

Sun sign is an essential element of an ascendant’s birth chart and it reveals about its behavior, social conduct, professional prowess, and basically every piece of information that shows how it represents itself to the world. Now you must be wondering what else is left to know about someone when Sun Sign has covered every valuable aspect, but it isn’t so, and that’s when Moon sign comes into the game. It reveals everything about one’s personality that Sun sign doesn’t.

But again, the birth chart is an intricate concept and there are literally thousands of components that make up a complete piece. Now each element has something significant to it but a few of them are more dominant as compared to the others. But it doesn’t mean the ones that are less significant can be disregarded outright. Similarly, the Moon and the Sun sign are equally important and have equal parts to play.

Sun sign is more important than your Moon sign but this idea is subject to specification. You see, a birth chart contains twelve houses, each with a specific meaning and life aspect connected to it, therefore, any planet can be dominant or subdued depending upon the heavenly orientation. These planets are dynamic and keep on moving through different houses. According to the zodiac pie, the star that is present in the first ascendant house will be more dominant be it Moon or Sun.

How to Know Your Moon Sign?

Sun signs are more popular amongst people mainly because they are uncomplicated and remain the same based on a particular set of date time and place. But such is not the case with the Moon sign because it changes constantly, or should we say frequently like every month or week. To be more precise, a Moon sign changes after every two and a half days. Isn’t it a revelation?

Well, to know your Moon sign you need the date of birth, time, year and place. If you have all the essential details, then you can calculate your Moon sign through automated Moon sign calculators. And if you find this laborious as well, then don’t hesitate to refer to the books and charts available offline maybe at a bookstore near you.

What’s the Importance of Moon Sign?

It may sound surprising to you but it’s a factual truth. Sun sign actually matters till the age of thirty. It stays applicable though but not so significantly. Moon rules your emotional and temperamental side post the big 30 because Moon is considered the Astrological planet that controls heart and mind. The Moon sign is essential to understand the inner strengths and how one feels deep inside. And that’s what matters later in life. Its significance isn’t just limited to personality, but it plays a critical role when it comes to relationships. Say your Sun sign doesn’t find compatibility with your partner but your Moon sign does, then don’t worry because you two have great odds of making it work.

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