Getting more blog traffic is a common objective for many since this is typically taken as a sign you are a good blogger! In most cases this assumption is an accurate one however getting traffic is one thing but the best blog sites are the ones that develop reader loyalty. This loyalty generally results from how well the site administrator manages the platform in terms of content and creating a sense of community! In this case it may be easier to develop into a good blogger by focusing on a smaller group of visitors thereby allowing you better focus on them while developing your own skills!

Here are 3 reasons getting traffic is not as important as managing what you already have when initially developing both your platform and your skills.

Keeps You Centered

Do not get me wrong having a large following is great yet when first starting out this can actually be a distraction! A good blogger knows what is on the mind of the people who visit the site and responds accordingly by creating content they want to see. On the other hand trying to cater to the varying needs of a much larger audience can cause the site administrator to drift away from the theme of the blog. Now the content is not as relevant, people become confused or disenchanted and visitors do not return as a result. In addition your own education is being slowed by spending too much time researching and writing about topics not relevant to your theme!

Encouraging Comments

By focusing more on subject matter of interest to visitors you are likely to get a better reaction from people. Comments now left will not only be more encouraging thereby boosting your motivation, but also more useful since it is feedback that can and should be used to grow your platform. Maintaining a consistency while also improving upon the quality of the content you post will help you in getting traffic that is more targeted! It does not makes sense to write for people who have little or no interest in the subject matter! On the other hand, as most of the best blog sites have experienced for themselves already if people like what they see they will spread the word! Which leads us to...

Quality Referrals

As you get better at researching and presenting your views by concentrating on topics your visitors have a interest in your platform will go viral! Current followers will make recommendations to others with similar interests and encourage them to visit for themselves! Getting traffic by word of mouth advertising like this saves you both time and energy. In addition you know that any new people who show up at your site most likely already have an interest in what you write about. Now you have not only new followers but also the nucleus of a whole new viral campaign! With a continued effort on your part the chances are good you will become one of the best blog sites in your selected niche!

More blog traffic is not always the best way to develop into a good blogger due primarily to the 3 reasons we discussed above. The best blog sites are the ones that have been around for a while and have been able to develop and maintain their focus. This usually makes getting traffic for them less of a challenge due to their consistency and the loyal base they have developed! By nurturing a sense of community early on and maintaining a certain content consistency, visitors therefore come to know what to expect. This results in their loyalty as well as their glowing recommendations to others to come visit your site. In the end it would seem the sign of a good blogger is more about how long they've been around and their ability to develop a loyal following!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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