I am not a medical doctor, nor do I play one on television! I am someone who has lived with chronic pain all of my adult life. My pain can manifest itself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Whatever way it chooses to manifest itself, it can be extremely debilitating. Over the many, many years, I have gone to one medical professional after another and another. Each one prescribed something different that dulled the pain temporarily. I was even told that it was all in my head and promptly sent off to see a therapist. Fine, but I was still in pain.

It wasn’t until I hit peri-menopause and the volume on the pain got louder that I knew I had to take my healing and wellness into my own hands. I searched high and low for remedies and cures. I tried everything I could – within reason! Then, I got intentional about my healing. I had to simply stop, take a few deep breaths and ask myself some important questions; like what kind of treatment was I willing to use? I wanted nothing more to do with prescription medications – as they did nothing for me, except empty my wallet. What I did want was a way to lessen the pain enough so I could function throughout the day. I had to get serious and have long since stopped looking for a cure. After much research, what came to me became a process of living and being; but a process that also alleviated my pain – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The meditative process I discovered became spiritual practices that I use each and every day to bring me back into the present moment and back into a space of wellness and wholeness. When I can stop and focus on my spiritual practices, I no longer feel the pain as I am no longer focusing on the pain. All I feel in the present moment is my mind, body and spirit fully integrated as one. Also, being a highly sensitive soul, I had the tendency to take on the pains of those around me. When I can focus meditatively, I can still empathize, but without taking on more pain in my own body.

And the side effects of my meditative practices? Oh yes, there are side effects. They include increased awareness and creativity; more focus and concentration (as you can imagine, it is difficult to focus or concentrate on your task when you are in pain); heightened intuitive abilities; and sharper decision-making, just to name a few. These were bonuses I hadn’t expected!

Speak with your healthcare professional. If there is any way to stop over medicating and begin meditating more, I highly recommend it. It is all a matter of focus – what you choose to focus on tends to expand. Focus on health and wellness and not on your illness and pains.

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As a Spiritual Animator, Author and Advocate, Carolyn Townes has been teaching, coaching and facilitating workshops for over a decade in the areas of women’s wellness. Founder of Spirit Women Institute and creator of The 7 Spiritual Practices to Purposeful Manifestation, she is dedicated to empowering and encouraging women to lead lives of peace, presence and prosperity, as they journey through difficult life transitions. Learn much more about Carolyn’s mission at www.carolyntownes.com.