More Than A Man
My mentor and friend, Bob Richards, the great Olympic gold medal champion who graced the cover of the Wheaties Cereal box, said, “Ingenuity, plus courage, plus work, equals miracles.”
I will never forget meeting Bob Richards for the first time. He had become a motivational speaker years after the Olympic Games. He was a powerful motivator. It was Bob’s speech that convinced a 21-year old brand new agent that he could be a huge success.
Many years later I had contacted Bob and told him how he had influenced me to think differently from that day some 25 years earlier, and thanked him for my huge success in insurance sales. Bob was so touched by my letter that he invited me to the 50th anniversary dinner of the Olympic Games he was part of. It was at the Waldorf Astoria in 1998. I met all the Olympic champions of 1948 and had the great honor of sitting at Bob’ table, and then listening to his current day motivating speech from the main stage. It was a night I will never forget.
All the famous athletes were there. I was able to sit at Bob’s table, and more importantly, hear him give another motivational speech to the Olympic champions from 50 years earlier. It was a magical night I will never forget. Bob Richards was inspirational in my writing self-help books.
I want to give back to society. I want to help that one special person who needs motivation. I want to change one life the way Bob Richards changed my life. It is now over 37 years since that first day I met Bob, and heard his fabulously motivating speech. It reminds me daily that I must dig deep each day to help others.
He is more than a man,
Who lifts another up,
Who convinces us all that we can,
And inspires greatness—through his giving.

Who plants a seed of hope,
Deep in someone else,
Then watches it blossom and grow.
Someone who never lets you down.
No, he is more than a man.

He is someone to lean on,
Though he may not be near.
And just the thought of his belief,
Can help us master our fear.

He is, which inspires us to be.
Our faith endures,
With his enthusiasm as our memory.
Yes, he is more than a man,
He is the messenger of our inspiration.
--John Paul Carinci
(Written for Bob Richards by John)

“How would your life be different if…You stopped worrying about things you can’t control and started focusing on the things you can? Let today be the day…You free yourself from fruitless worry, seize the day and take effective action on things you can change.”
--Steve Maraboli

Jesse Owens was an Olympic champion despite experiencing racial discrimination. Owens became a global icon at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. By winning Olympic gold in the 100 meter, Owens helped demolish the myth of Hitler's Aryan superiority theory.
Marie Curie, lived from 1867-1934. In an age where few women were able to be educated, Marie Curie became one of the most important scientists of her generation. Her discoveries enabled the development of modern radiation and X-ray. She was one of the few people to receive a Nobel Prize for both medicine and physics.
Ludwig van Beethoven was born in 1770 in Bonn, Germany. He was the son of a court musician. Early on Beethoven received violin and piano lessons from his father, Johann.
Ludwig van Beethoven was once told by one of his teachers that he had no future career as a composer.
Beethoven would go on to be one of the greatest classical music composers of all time. But by 1816, Beethoven became almost 100% deaf. He soon completely lost his hearing but he managed to continue to compose music.
After he became deaf, he started to observe the vibrations of piano. Beethoven noticed that he could not hear high notes when playing piano.
To hear his own compositions, he sawed the legs off of his piano and placed the piano on the floor, and pressed his ear to the floor as well. He would then proceed to bang on the keys to hear what he had written.
Beethoven’s best known compositions include 9 symphonies, 5concertos for piano, 32 piano sonatas, and 16 string quartets.

Author's Bio: 

John Paul Carinci has been a successful insurance executive and president of Carinci Insurance Agency, Inc., for over 35 years.

John is also an author, songwriter, poet, and CEO of Better Off Dead Productions, Inc., a movie production company.
As a worldwide published author, some of John’s works include: An All-Consuming Desire To Succeed, The Power of Being Different, In Exchange of Life, Share Your Mission #5, A Second Chance , The Psychic Boy Detective, Better Off Dead, Better Off Dead In Paradise, An All Consuming Desire To Succeed, Defying Death In Hagerstown, Awesome Success Principles and Quotations, and A Gift from Above.

John is also co-writer of the screenplays: Better Off Dead, A Second Chance, and Better Off Dead in Paradise, which were all adapted from his novels, and may one day be produced as motion pictures.

John’s three self-help books, The Power of Being Different, An All-Consuming Desire To Succeed, and Awesome Success Principles and Quotations, have been translated and published in many foreign countries. John’s latest novel, Defying Death In Hagerstown, is being traditionally published and will be available in paperback by April of 2015. It is currently available in e-book format.

John is available to give interviews.