When you truly want to improve your life, there are a variety of things that you can do...all little steps in the same direction. People are where they want to be in life, because if they really, really, really did not want to be there, where they are, then they wouldn't be there.

If your life is not the way that you want it to be, then YOU have to be the one to change it...your life is not going to mysteriously change "on its on." So start making the little steps that you need to make to get closer to the type of life that you would like to have.

Here are some little suggestions, and they may each, individually be little things, or seemingly simple things, but they will all "add up" to a better life for you! Just try and see for yourself!

Get to bed earlier, and get a bit more sleep, and get up at an earlier hour.

Always be kind to other people, even strangers.

Drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine, soda pop, sugary drinks, salt, sugar, and fast foods...as much as possible.

Do some deep breathing every single day.

Watch less television.

Be productive every day.

Do more reading, especially from actual books.

Choose how you react.

Master your emotions, never let your emotions master you.

Spruce up your living quarters whenever you can.

Wear clean clothes.

Always do more than what is expected of you.

Avoid people who are severely negative, or the least bit mean, nasty, evil, and filled with venom. These people are toxic and will never contribute to the enhancement of your life.

Choose Happiness & Success, as my assistant Jennifer always says...it is her motto.

Life each day as though it were your last.

Well, there are some great ideas and thoughts, and please forgive if you have read other of materials, here or elsewhere, and heard me mention one or two of these before...they are certainly precepts that are worth repeating.

Many Blessings!
Father Time

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Father Time is a self help writer and speaker, and has an assistant, Jennifer, who is working very hard at promoting her www.iNeedaGiftForSomeone.com where anyone in the USA can get a great deal on gifts, especially when you say, "I need a gift for someone."