The Indian economy since privatisation has promoted healthy competition in a bid to bring down monopoly and unfair trade practices. As India marches towards development, every aspect of the economy is fast evolving. The one branch that has shocked everyone with its contribution is e-commerce. Online shopping is fast grabbing the market. More and more people are opting to save time and energy and opt for online shopping rather than bother travelling to brick and mortar stores. This has led to a number of websites cropping up on the cyber space. Due to this, there are a large number of websites to select from when it comes to selling clothes, accessories and anything related to fashion today. Websites like Fashion and You are fast replacing the shopping malls and destinations, especially for those who face time constraints.

With the advancement of technology and more and more people becoming tech savvy, the fashion industry has taken a huge leap into the e-commerce zone. Today, if you need party dress, formal shoes, earrings to complement your new cocktail dress or any other fashion requirement all you have to do is go online, choose and click your way through a purchase. The item you buy will be delivered at your doorstep and you do not need to go through the hassle of checking out a zillion shops for the perfect pair of jeans. There are a number of options and brands available to cater to every fashion and taste like Fashion and You from where you can select your preferred clothing item or accessory with complete ease.

Brands are the new status symbol, especially in a country like India where you are judged based on your financial and social standing. However, with rocketing prices, it becomes impossible to indulge in high-end brands like Versace. But with the new online shopping industry booming, it is now within reach. As most of these companies save a lot on rent, staffing and the likes, they usually provide their customers with good discounts and deals on some of the best branded products. This makes buying high end products a wonderful possibility.

There were many glitches faced by the online industry when it first started operating in India. Not many people were comfortable with the idea of providing their credit card details online. They had a lot of trust issues and scared that the information would be used to con them or use their details for some vile purpose. However, all of this is gradually changing. The industry and the customers have reached a common consensus. Having walked halfway the bridge, a lot of fashion portals like Fashion and you are offering an option of cash on delivery for the convenience of their customers. As the money has not been paid before the product is delivered, customers have an option of checking the product before actually buying it.

As more and more people realize the innumerable benefits of online shopping, the industry is getting bigger with each passing day. There is going to be an exponential increase in the number of websites dedicated specially to fashion like Fashion and You being registered as online shops.

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