You know, when people ask about the Law of Attraction, I tell them, "Oh yeah, it's definitely the truth." But what confuses a lot of people is that they picked up on this one law, and somehow believed it was the whole truth.

Now, you know better than that. There are myriad laws operating. For instance, there's the Law of Gravity. You can't pick the Law of Gravity and say that the universe operates exclusively according to that law. No, the universe operates according to it and a multitude of other laws.

So with that as an insight, this really comes into focus when they say in The NEW Think and Grow Rich that there are two major operatives in the manifestation process. Now, the Law of Attraction is the sexier one, I will admit. It's the law pertaining to the Sixth Sense, to the HoloMagic realm.

But the other law is also of that same domain. It's just that there are two elements in this formula—caused by this one and the same impulse. Think about it. We're talking today about two laws: the self-fulfilling prophecy and the Law of Attraction.

Let's just say you're sitting in your study, and you have determined that you're going to break free from the financial slavery that the institution has you involved in—this is what they've led you to—and you're going to do something different. You're going to make a million dollars, and all the contributions you're going to make alongside of that.

There are two things involved. It's you and the HoloCosm. The Law of Attraction allows you to transmit vibes into the universe… and then they come back to you in whatever you were thinking about. The reality is, there are two things acting here, the self-fulfilling prophecy and the Law of Attraction.

The self-fulfilling prophecy: that you have decided you are going to earn a million dollars; you're going to break out of that financial slavery. So is it any surprise that you start visiting websites that talk about making money?

Sites that talk about making money with e-books on the Internet, that talk about making money trading currencies and trading stocks, that talk about making money in real estate, and ad infinitum! I think you understand my point. Is it any surprise that you start ordering some of these courses?

And is it any surprise that, for instance, if you invest in a course in real estate and you try a technique or strategy that they offer you and it works, and you get a house—is that any surprise? Is that the Law of Attraction? No, that's the self-fulfilling prophecy. Push, and you get resistance. Put it out there, and you get it back.

You've done something. You have created a deal, and it came about because of your own efforts. That is the self-fulfilling prophecy.

And the Law of Attraction, yes, it works so phenomenally also—i.e., when you decide you're going to commit to this real estate program and you post some advertising.

Maybe you put an ad in a newspaper; maybe you put up some bandit signs out on the street corner and then, all of sudden, someone who's just come into town sees them, and maybe they can tell by the way you signed your lettering that you're the one.

Maybe you wrote the sign out by hand. Maybe it's female lettering, maybe it's male lettering— but you see what I'm getting at. They passed by 40 signs and they pick your sign. That's HoloMagic.

So one of the things The NEW Think and Grow Rich says is this,

"Positive, empowering thoughts, thoughts of your definite chief aim, mixed with faith, aflame with passion, images of achievement, positive self-talk, reminders of the value of what you pursue and contribute, these are the emotionalized input you use to consciously think and grow rich.

When you think these thoughts, not only do you communicate positive messages that animate you to perform the actions you need to achieve your goals (self-fulfilling prophecy), these thoughts also connect with Universal Intelligence so that intuition, inspiration, synchronicity and serendipity can work for you."

In short, you work the universe the same way you work yourself… and in working yourself, you work the universe.

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