The Golden Tree is a blessing of nature. It is a perfect diet for living beings and there is no hassle in saying it a super food. This nutrient rich food contains unbelievable amount of vitamin and essential minerals. Many of nutrients found in it are missing from our daily diet; this is the reason, why we have to rely on food supplements.

It is now recognized by world top organizations including World Health Organization and supported by countless all around the globe. Considering the benefits its cultivation is now at boom all over the world. Not only a healthy diet but it is also a source of earning revenue.Here are some major benefits that everyone should know;

THE NUTRITIONAL VALUES – The tree is blessed with treasure of nutrients. All parts of this tree are edible and equally beneficial with multiple nutritional values. It is also beneficial for mother and child health. It contains,

• Calcium which is up to 4 times more than calcium found in milk

• Protein which is up to 7 times more than protein found in yogurt

• Vitamin C also up to 7 times as compared to oranges

• Iron up to 3 times of iron found in almonds

• Potassium up to 3 times of amount in a banana

• Vitamin A up to 4 times of carrot

It is a substitute for vegetable. Throughout the globe it has wide variety of applications in food. Numerous delicious and countless recipes are made from it. Like its leaves, its other parts including seeds and roots are also purely edible. Its seeds can be roasted like peanuts or almonds and is a good source of edible vegetable oil.

EXTRA STRONG TEA – Moringa leaves are ideal for tea. Tea prepared from it contains more nutritional values than normal brand tea. Tea is rich in antioxidants, inflammatory compounds, and amino acids that help in eliminating toxins from our body. It’s a super tea as it contains vitamins and minerals that help in reducing your weight and making your body fit.

It is ideal oil for external use. If you are applying oil on your skin surface the first thing that must be present in oil is its penetration ability. Moringa oil has highest penetration capability and it can take essential nutrients down to your skin cells. It is non sticky oil ideal for whole body massage. It helps in reducing aging and can be used as a first aid in case you are bitten by poisonous insects, flies and bees.

You have often heard about steroids or food supplements with extra high value of calories. These artificial supplements are quite injurious to health. Now these are being replaced by moringa capsules which are 100% pure and contains single ingredient of powdered leaves. They are equally important for young child and teens as well as young men’s doing workout at gym. It’s a convenient method to ensure your family is getting proper diet

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