Raise and shine is not something people say in the morning to motivate themselves to get out of their bed. According to new research at Northwestern University Feinberg School of medicine, published a journal PLOS ONE says, getting up early in the morning and catching a couple quick rays might help you lose extra pounds.

In this study researchers asked 54 middle aged participants to wear a wrist monitor that monitored their exposure to morning light for straight seven days. They were told to keep food diaries to keep record of their caloric intake. It turned out that the people who got more exposure to light had lower BMIs than those who got less light. That was regardless of their age differences, how active they were and what they ate.

So what is the reason that people who soak in the morning rays weigh less? The researchers found two main reasons. First exposing yourself to an early day light synchronizes your internal body clock i.e. you are more likely to have a natural and steady sleep schedule. As a result of steady sleep schedule you have efficient metabolism rate that lead to the weight loss.

The second reason is that morning light itself slims down and plays off first. Morning light is much stronger than afternoon and evening light, the reason being; higher amount of blue light in the morning. Blue light has the strongest effect on your circadian rhythm.

You only have to get as little as 15-20 min of morning sunlight in between 8 am and noon. And if you are not a morning worker, try to simply wake up a little earlier and enjoy your coffee outside with the sun shining down on your face. Not exactly hard advice to follow!

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