In this world everyone goes through many ups and downs. Nobody can have success without passing through this stage of ups and downs. This situation is different for different kinds of people. Like if a business company goes in a much heavy loss due to its bad performance and criteria, then that company has to end up his business and even they go bankrupt. There are many such examples which really happened in actual life, like the Disney World got bankrupt many times but in the end they came up again and now it’s famous all over the world. They didn’t give hope and they work hard till they got success. Similarly there are many other examples of big companies who got bankrupt but one day they all succeed.

Now what happens if a company goes in loss and gets out of budget? The most probable thing they feel to do at that specific moment is this that they mortgage their property. Well there are types of mortgaging your property. The first type is this that you completely sell your property by proper mortgaging way. In this you just get the money on which your property gets sold out and after having the cash you have no link with the land or building. Then the other type of mortgaging is that you don’t actually sell your property. People just mortgage their property on this condition that they lend their land for some time to the other person and in return they get money for lending that land to the new owner who purchased it. In this way of mortgaging, the real owner gets the money for the time being and when he wants to set up his own business he can remove the temporary owner and can start up with his own business. Now when a building is about to mortgage or a land is to be mortgage its rate depends upon different kinds of things.

Firstly the area of the land or the building matters; if the building or the land spreads on a larger area then its rate would be high. Secondly includes the interior of the building which if it has been maintained quite well then its value will be automatically high. Third if that specific person is selling that building completely with all things also which are present inside that building, then the value of that building also rises. Fourth if that building or the land or the house is present in a good area then the value of that specific property rises. Keeping and viewing all these things in minds the mortgage value of a building, land or a house sets up. The mortgage rate mostly helps the people as they are in a need of money so that’s why they go for the mortgaging property. From this they get more than the expected value, if they have maintained their place well and then they use the money to buy a better place.

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