Transcription is a demanding task that requires time and patience to complete. It requires your full attention on the audio or video you are transcribing, especially when it comes to ensuring you are accurate with what is said, apply correct grammar, and ensure correct spelling and punctuation.

There are many automated transcribing solutions, transcription software and cheap transcribing services available to get the task done; however, our results show that their accuracy can range widely. If it’s accurate audio or video transcription you want, then the human factor cannot be ignored. One company with an established global reputation for incredible accuracy for even the most difficult audio and video, is  Way With Words

For the busy professional, student, researcher or anyone with recordings that requires transcription, this company is a good choice.

The Company

Way With Words is a professional online human transcription company that converts any speech into text. The company recently appeared on various Search Engines as one of the best providers of accurate transcription 2019. Since its launch in 2001, Way With Words offers first language transcribers handpicked to provide excellent transcription in most industries and subject matter including highly specialized areas of legal, medical, market research, business, finance, sales and brand marketing.   

Way With Words prioritizes client satisfaction that is why the company hires its staff and transcribers on a highly selective basis. Employees and contractors are screened, and trained according to the company's in-house very strict criteria. With this team and regardless of the volume of work needed to be transcribed, Way With Words can and does also offer  customized solutions to meet virtually any bespoke speech to text requirements.

The company abides by strict policies regarding client confidentiality and applies a number of security measures to comply with demanding data management and best practices in this regard. Over the years, Way With Words has transcribed for thousands of clients from all over the world, and is a truly established, dependable and reputable human transcription service provider

8 Reasons That Make Way With Words Stand Out

  1. First language transcribers vetted and trained to the best industry standard.
  2. Fast turnaround and on-time delivery of projects.
  3. 99%+ Accuracy guarantee.
  4. Global client base.
  5. Competitive prices with budget options.
  6. High confidentiality of clients' data (also GDPR compliant).
  7. Personal service.
  8. Custom transcription options on request.


For accurate transcripts of audio or video interviews, corporate meetings, lectures, seminars, court proceedings, telephone conversations (customer services), etc., Way With Words is a perfect choice if you are looking to outsource your recordings.

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