The language of love is sweet and silent. There is no chaos in love. That is why it is easy to speak through soft and peaceful petals. Every man should know how to select romantic flowers for girlfriend. Every flower has a distinct meaning, and you can use them to send different messages. Thus, it would be best to familiarize yourself with the romantic flowers you can get at the florist.


When you are searching for romantic flowers for a girlfriend, then peonies should be on the list. These flowers depict prosperity. Some believe the flower brings good luck. Thus, you can send these flowers to tell your date you are lucky to have her.


Roses are the universal love and romance flower. They are common on all romantic occasions. Every girl hopes to receive a rose on Valentine's day. The deep red rose shows deep and passionate love. However, you can use any other shade of rose flower to express your feelings.


Is your girl a happy-go-lucky person? Then tulips are a perfect selection for her. The flowers exist in various colors such as yellow, white, pink, red, and purple. Tulips are a symbol of perfect love. If you think you found the one, then you can surprise her with tulips every once in a while.


There are several varieties of lilies. You can send her some white lilies like the Casablanca lilies. If you love colorful lilies, you can send some alstroemeria, stargazers, or other types. Lily petals stay long before they wither. You can use the flower to show long-lasting love.


Lilacs are another example of romantic flowers. They represent a strong kind of love. That is why you rind them in bold colors like magenta and other shades of blue.


Some people wish to send a huge bouquet of roses to their loved ones. However, the cost is usually high. Thus, they substitute with carnations. The flowers are tender and fluffy. Also, they represent a newfound love.


These beautiful romantic flowers resemble a buttercup. They symbolize charm and attraction. Thus, they are perfect for someone you find charming and attractive. You can send any color of ranunculus since the color does not alter the meaning.


Do you know roses are not the only flowers that symbolize love and passion? Well, you can offer red chrysanthemums to send the same message. Also, they exist in a variety of colors. You can mix many hues in a bouquet.

Gerbera Daisies

These are some dazzling beauties in their small petals. Gerbera daisies send a message of cheer. If you are cheerful in your relationship, you can send a bouquet of gerbera daisies. It is good you add several hues to add the fun.


There are plenty of romantic flowers for girlfriends. They exist in various pastel colors. Do not restrict yourself to roses when you can play around with different kinds of petals.

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