Joint diseases can affect one or more joints. There are a lot of such pathologies, for example, today there are more than 100 types of only one common joint disease - arthritis. Joint pathologies differ from each other in the cause and location of the process.
According to Dr Debashish Chanda, the best joint replacement doctor in Gurgaon, "the symptoms of these diseases are often very similar. So, the symptoms of arthritis are also characteristic of systemic lupus erythematosus and gout. The main symptom is pain that worsens with movement. The movements of the affected joint are constrained. Outwardly, there is swelling, and in some cases - a change in the shape of the joint." In this article, we will explore what are the causes of developing these bone and joint diseases.

Some common Bone and Joint conditions

2. Arthrosis
3. Osteoarthritis
4. osteochondrosis

Causes of arthritis

The development of arthritis (osteoarthritis) usually occurs for reasons such as:
2.Chronic infections leading to decreased immunity
3.Autoimmune diseases and allergic reactions
4.Lack of vitamins and minerals in food
5.Weighed down heredity

In the absence of correct and timely treatment, arthritis passes from an acute form to a chronic one. In this case, complications are often observed in the form of degenerative changes in the joint (arthrosis).

Causes of Arthrosis

Arthrosis is one of the most common chronic diseases of the joints, which is metabolic. Arthrosis is characterized by changes in the articular cartilage. In the initial stage of arthrosis, a person experiences pain as a result of sudden physical exertion, and as the disease develops, it becomes constant. There is swelling in the joint area, as well as stiffness of movements and pain in it after sleep.
If you do not start timely treatment, the articular cartilage is destroyed, and then the bone structure. Deforming arthrosis develops, characterized by persistent dysfunction of the joint and a change in its shape, which leads to disability and the inability to lead an active life. Most often, arthrosis affects the knee and hip joint, as well as the digital phalanges. The disease is more likely to affect middle-aged people, as well as the elderly.
The main reasons for the development of arthrosis are:
1.Frequent overload
2.Injuries to the cartilage of the joint and the articular 3.ends of the bones
4.Intoxication resulting from an infectious disease
5.Violation of metabolic processes
6.Joint operations
7.Endocrine system diseases
8.Excessive body weight
9.Age-related changes

Often there is such a type of arthrosis as osteoarthritis. In addition to the above symptoms, it is characterized by damage to the articular bones with the development of osteophytes, thickening of the bag of the joint, and spasm of the muscles surrounding it.

Causes of developing Osteoarthritis

The formation of osteoarthritis most often occurs inside large joints. Its varieties include:
1.Coxarthrosis (disease of the hip joint).
2.Gonarthrosis (knee joint disease).
3.Osteochondrosis (a disease that affects the vertebrae, as well as intervertebral discs).

Arthrosis of large joints often requires surgical treatment. Joint replacement surgeries are among the most common orthopedic surgeries. Endoprosthetics is the only radical treatment for coxarthrosis and gonarthrosis.

Causes of developing Osteochondrosis

The most common osteochondrosis - according to statistics, this disease affects 8 out of 10 adults who inhabit our planet. The most common type of osteochondrosis is lumbosacral, followed by cervical and thoracic osteochondrosis. When all parts of the spine are affected, we are talking about widespread osteochondrosis.
The main symptom of osteochondrosis is back pain. The place of its localization depends on the form of osteochondrosis. Often this disease is accompanied by various neurological disorders, the cause of which is the pinching of the nerves and blood vessels of the spinal cord.
Difficulty breathing, decreased sensitivity of the skin, a feeling of weakness in the arms and legs, as well as paresis and paralysis may indicate the impaired function of the spine. Deformities of the spinal column caused by osteochondrosis lead not only to postural disorders but also to disorders of the functions of internal organs.
The most common factors causing the development of osteochondrosis are:
1.Weak muscle corset of the spinal column
2.Violation of the harmonious development of the back muscles
Spine injury
3.The excessively high content of toxins in the body
Dehydration of bones
4.Metabolic disorders due to various diseases
5.Autoimmune diseases
6.Allergic reactions
7.Older age
8.Weighed down heredity
It should be remembered that all components of the human musculoskeletal system are closely interconnected, therefore, the dysfunction of one of them will necessarily affect the work of the others.
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