Is it becoming really suffocating for your family members to adjust in your current property? Well, the first thing that will pop up in your mind is probably to shift your base and find a new home instead that is spacious enough for accommodation. However, that is an expensive affair indeed and a hassling one too.

But, you can certainly look for a better alternative in this case, and that is undoubtedly home extension. The home extension is undoubtedly a far better option when you want additional space in your existing property. A lot of people have gone for the option lately because of the advantages and convenience it offers.

However, there is undoubtedly another set of people who do not want to go for home extension driven by a few misconceptions they believe. Those myths are somewhat like ‘cloaked reasons' that you need to unveil to know the truth behind those myths.

Here you go. Give it a good read and find out the hooded realities underneath the widespread myths regarding home extensions.

“It will Look Out of the Place.”

As they say, having a home extension means that it will look out of the place as it was never a part of your previous building plan. No worries! Because nothing like that is going to happen.

Leave it to the reliable home builders in Melbourne, and they know how to make things look as organic as you have expected. They will carefully look into your existing building plan and then prepare the rest of the planning for home extension accordingly. The addition will look seamless only if you don't fail to choose the right builders.

“Home Extension is Costlier than Moving House.”

Do you really think so? Well, then you should quit that thought right now as moving house is a far more expensive affair altogether. To validate the fact, you can ask for the quotes of movers and then add the cost of modification in your place.

Next, you compare it to the cost of the home extension, and the reality will be right in front of your eyes. The fact is, the home extension is a lot cheaper option than that of the house moving. So, it's high time to clear your doubts on that.

“The Homeowners Need to Move out While the Builders are at Work.”

No need for that indeed! The builders or the specialists of home extensions in Melbourne create a clear barrier in the property, letting the homeowners stay at peace and comfort in their respective room while they are working to modify your house in the most appropriate way possible. They will ensure that their work causes minimum impact on your lifestyle.


The home extension is an excellent way of adding value to your existing property and you ought to understand it in the very first place. So, choose the builder wisely after checking whether they have adequate experience or not and make your project of home extension a successful one. So, stay away from these myths and get it done without crossing your budget limit.

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The author is one of the most renowned home builders in Melbourne and has carried out many projects on home extensions in Melbourne successfully.