If you are running an e-store or just a consumer this blog is for you. There are many types of discounts offered through the coupons like voucher codes 2018. We are trying to understand the few of them in this write-up so, let’s see the common ones.

Percentage-Based Discounts

It can offer small incentives like 5%-10% to the enormous discounts like 50+%. Many stores offer up to some per cent discounts — this way the items which the brand wants to clear off have more deductions than the things which are relatively high in demand. So, next time when you see flashing signs of 70% off make sure to look at the small font ‘up to’.

Dollar Value Offers

They are positioned as the credit and make buyers feel if they don’t use it, they are wasting money — a nice trick to get the customers in a net. The redemption rate of these offers is almost 170% higher than the percentage-based offers. The rule of 100 is used to decide which discount to offer. If the product is priced lower than or at 100 dollars the percentage discount is provided while the fixed discount is applicable mostly on the products priced above 100 dollars.

Free Shipping

We have seen some of the discount codes 2018 offering free shipping on the purchase. Shipping charges play a huge role in the abandonment of shopping carts. Now, you can imagine how much free shipping benefits the stores. Usually, these codes are used with the requirement of minimum value purchase to increase the average value of the order.

This can be country or city specific or directed towards the selected group of buyers like subscribers or loyalty members. These tactics are used to limit the cuttings into the margins.


A gift with purchasing is probably the best way to lure the customers in. It makes the buyers feel like they are being provided with the added value. If it is strategizing smartly, it can even increase the number of orders for the online store.


These are the offers like buying two and get one free. It is an excellent way to clear the inventory. However, it depends on the products. If products are generally used as a set, for example, a dishwasher and gloves or wine and glasses, it will work for these products but otherwise, it won’t.

Multi-Save And Conditional Discounts

Offers like buy and save off certain items are known as multi-save discounts whereas, the offers like purchase and save on other thing or get it for free are the conditional discounts. They encourage sales without cutting the margins.
These are some of the common types of the deductions that we see regularly. Now, you know how they benefit the stores, and we are sure you already know how they help the consumers.

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