Select the appropriate file format for storing your photos is crucial. - Five major image file formats used continuously in the field of design and data entry, TIFF, JPG, BMP, WBMP and PNG. Any size is suitable for a specific type of image, and by matching your image to the right format; you have a fast loading, should benefit from a high quality image and by this it is very easy for data entry. It is also important to understand how these formats work in some applications.

1. TIFF - TIFF (Tagged Information File Format):-
It is used for line drawings and photographs are used to store such images. So it's actually (now Adobe Systems) and was developed by Microsoft. Quark Press, Adobe In Design, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, a popular format for high color depth images and many image manipulation programs like PageMaker, supported by yelling at extremely high image quality, excellent compatibility with providing publishing and printing. Can be adapted to fight again and stored without any loss of image data with images in an infinite number that is a flexible and adaptable format.

2. JPG / JPEG – JPEG:-
It is used to compression for photographic images. The name JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group is the name of the committee that created the standard. The group was organized in 1986, the standard issued in 1992 and finally approved in 1994. The degree of compression to the trade-off between storage size and image quality, can be adapted to the possible. Jpeg is usually little noticeable loss in image quality obtained with a 10-1 compression. Besides being a compression method is often regarded as a jpeg file. The most common image formats jpeg digital cameras and other photographic image capture devices are used by. Storing and transmitting photographic images on the World Wide Web is the most common format.

3. BMP – BMP
It is a file format, sometimes called bitmap or DIB file (for device-independent bitmap), a bitmap file format, digital images, in particular Microsoft Windows and OS / 2 operating system is used to store. Most bmp files have a relatively large file due to the lack of compression, many bmp files as a zip compressed with lossless data compression algorithms are used because they contain redundant data.

4. WBMP - Wireless Bitmap:-
It is a graphic format optimized for mobile computing devices are low. It is a relatively new file format, which currently supports only monochrome images. a WBMP image type field value, which encoding information (such as pixel and palette organization, compression, and as animation) and wap documentation that the image attributes identified for use determines describes. type field values are represented by an image type identifier.

5. PNG Portable Network Graphics:-
It is a bitmap image format lossless data compression that is similar to a file GIF employ. PNG to improve and replace the GIF format, a format is not designed to require a patent license. It's basically "licensing requirements to use the Unisys GIF format was designed to live in denial.

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