The anterior cruciate ligament is a ligament in the knee crossing from the underside of the thigh bone (the femur bone) to the top of the bigger bone in the lower leg (the tibia). The ligament is known as ACL, and it can get injured due to various reasons. The knee is formed by three bones; the femur, tibia, and patella (the kneecap) that sits in front of the joint to provide protection. Ligaments connect and hold the bones together to keep the knee stable. Collateral ligaments are on the sides of the knee. The medial and lateral collateral ligaments control the sideways motion of the knee. Cruciate ligaments are found inside the knee joint. The anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments cross each other to form an ‘X’. They play a significant role in controlling the back and forth motion of the knee. You need the best orthopedic doctor in Bangalore to diagnose and treat ACL injuries.
Type of anterior cruciate ligament injuries
In the medical jargon, injured ligaments are called sprains, and there are graded on the severity scale of 1 to 3.
• Grade 1 sprains are when the ligaments are mildly damaged. Though it gets slightly stretched, it can keep the joint stable.
• Grade 2 sprains are when the ligament becomes loose and gets torn partially.
• Grade 3 sprains are when the ligaments tear completely, the ligament splits into two pieces, and the knee joint becomes unstable.
The partial tear of ACL is rare. In the majority of the cases, ACL injuries are almost complete or complete tear.
What causes ACL injury?

• Rapidly changing direction
• Sudden stop
• Slowing down while running
• Direct collision or contact (generally in sports injuries)
• Incorrect landing from a jump


 The most common symptom is a popping noise. The person feels like the knee is giving out.
 Pain with swelling is another common symptom.
 Loss of complete range of motion
 The joint line becomes tender
 Discomfort while walking

When do you need ACL surgery?

Doctors consider several factors while evaluating the need for surgery following an ACL injury. The operation is not always necessary, but it might be the best option many times. The genetic makeup of the patient, his activity requirements, physical fitness, and mental strength are a few factors considered by the doctor while deciding about the ACL surgery. If the person is an athlete who requires more than average use of the knees, then the option of surgery is considered. People who have significantly fewer requirements to function may consider living with a torn ACL. According to experts, good rehabilitation and care are more important, whether you go for ACL surgery or not. Your orthopedic surgeon decides on the risks and outcomes of surgical as well as non-surgical options.

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