Exploring The Southern Coast Of Sri Lanka

If you are planning to take a trip to the most beautiful isle of Sri Lanka you would already be on the search for what are the most famous Sri Lanka interesting places you should visit. Packed with many highlights of Sri Lanka is the southern coast of the island that is truly a vacationer’s paradise. From locals to foreigners, the south coast of the island has been able to mesmerize all those you have travelled with the aim of enjoying a perfect holiday time. Therefore as you too look to kick start your vacation in this tropical island, you could look forward to the many attractions the southern coast is waiting to unveil.

Highlights Of Sri Lanka South Coast

  • Galle Sri Lanka interesting places

There are many things behind why Galle is such an important city of this island. For one, this city has played a crucial role as a port city on many occasions during important points in history. Out of all these, one of the most notable would be during the colonization of the Dutch in the island. This led to major developments occurring in the city, such as the establishments of the Dutch fortifications. The old city and Dutch fortifications created in such a manner hold immense value even today and therefore have even secured the title of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Other Galle Sri Lanka interesting places include Galle lighthouse, Dutch Reformed Church and National Maritime Musuem.

  • The amazing coastal town of Bentota

Known for the beautiful stretch of beach its boasts of is the little town of Bentota, also found in the southern coast of the island. A visit to this location will provide the perfect surrounding for a relaxing holiday experience and new opportunities to try out activities you could not do anywhere else. Some of these include boat rides on the river, enjoying an Ayurvedic spa and visiting ancient temples.

  • The wonders of Unawatuna

As you travel to the southern coast of the island the vibrant city of Unawatuna cannot be missed. Also know for the exquisitely beautiful broad stretch of beach, this amazing city has been able to retain the right among of village life and urbanization. During the day the beach is a perfect location for a family holiday, and at night, the beach is colored by youthful parties and nightlife.

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