World Heritage Sites Sri Lanka

In order to gain the title of a UNESCO world heritage site is by no means an easy task. But from decades ago, this lovely nation called Sri Lanka has managed to secure the recognition where eight sites in total have been designated as Sri Lanka heritage sites. Most of these locations are found scattered all over the island, out of which you will find two amazing locations located right in the heart of the country. Each of these UNESCO sites Sri Lanka are special in their own way and as you enjoy your holidays you would most certainly want to include them as part of your tour. Central Highlands and Kandy are among the major highlights of the hill country and therefore are definitely great to pay a visit.

Famous Sri Lanka Heritage Sites

  • Central Highlands

The Central Highlands of the country is one of the World heritage sites Sri Lanka recognized for its natural value. The site comprises of a vast area covering most of the biodiversity hotspots in the region. These include the Peak Wilderness Protected Area, the Horton Plains National Park and the Knuckles Conservation Forest. During the 34th session gathering of the World Heritage Committee, this site was awarded this prestigious title in 2010 and it has further helped for conservation activities.

The ecosystem under this area can be identified as a montane rain forest having elevation over 1000 meters from sea level. What has managed to place this site among UNESCO sites Sri Lanka is the fact that it is home to many rare species of fauna and flora, most of them that are endemic to the island. Out of the entire endemic flowering plant species found in the country, nearly half can be found in this location. Also almost 51 percent of endemic vertebrates have also made this ecosystem home.

  • Kandy

By far one of the most famous World heritage sites Sri Lanka is the magnificent kingdom Kandy. Known to be the last ancient kingdom of the island, this city still at present serves as the administrative and religious capital of the Central province. One of the most prominent attractions that helped make this location one of the Sri Lanka heritage sites is the Temple of the Tooth Relic or Sri Dalada Maligawa that houses the tooth relic of the Lord Buddha.

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