On 29 March 1999, Navneet Pathak was born in the humble family of Mohan Singh Pathak and Sanju Pathak in the city of Agra, Uttar Pradesh. The boy went to Agra Public School to complete his schooling. His family loved and supported him to grow as a determined person who will fulfil all the dreams he sees. After completing high school, the youngster went to pursue a Bachelor of Arts and began to attend college like every other student. But his best friend Amber Sharma made him realise his potential in acting and encouraged him to start the theatre journey. His family and friends encouraged him to follow his talent and make a career in the field he loves.

With the support of his loved ones, Navneet Pathak packed his back to leave for Mumbai to start the journey of being an actor. Life in the city is never easy, and he had to struggle to receive the first chance. During this period, the strong man took up jobs for survival. The young one worked as a wedding photographer and even prepared acts for school and college events. Later in 2011, he was selected for a play in a theatre and took the opportunity to perform his best. Then in 2014 and 2015, the artist obtained the Best Comedian Actor Award at the National Theatre Festival with delightful performances in play. Later, the entertainer decided to explore Youtube and try his luck to be the famous YouTuber of India.

So, on 24 September 2016, Navneet Pathak started his YouTube journey with the channel named Chu Chu Ke Funs and the character Chuchu with the dream of being a household name. He thinks, writes, performs, and edits comedy skits on the channel to spread laughter and challenge his talent. As a newcomer, the video of the boy received a flag due to copyright. But the star took feedback and criticism as a piece of advice from viewers to improve his work and experimented with new ideas and trends. With his dedicated efforts, Chu Chu Ke Fans gained 1.1 million subscribers and achieved a Silver Play Button and Golden Youtube Tag. Even after being a well-known artist, he still strives to be consistent with the content and production quality, which helped him grow. Moreover, Navneet has collaborated with several celebrities such as Milland Gaba and Sahil Khan on his channel. The most famous YouTuber in India follows the teaching of his parents to work hard and be disciplined to fulfil his goal.

Later the talented YouTuber started two more channels on YouTube. The first one is Navneet Pathak Pandit that has 1.91K followers and makes funny videos. The actor makes personal vlogs and shares the behind the scene videos of his skit on the Npp Vlogs channel, which has 28.3K subscribers. The artist became part of Tik Tok and Likee, and he uses both platforms to make short funny videos for entertainment. His work was appreciated and loved by the audience, and thus, his popularity increased on both apps. Navneet Pathak was rewarded with a popular creator tag by Tik Tok, and Likee appreciated his efforts with Crown Tag. Moreover, the entertainer was being invited to several massive celebrity events and fanfests, and he took the opportunity to engage with other admired personalities. The famous vlogger in India found a place in everybody’s heart wherever he went and on the platforms where he performed due to his lovable personality and creative work.

The hard work of Navneet Pathak paid off, and the audience showered love and admiration to him with their messages and support. Moreover, his followers on Facebook are 6785, and Instagram are 15.7k who interact with him, and they enjoy the glimpse of his work on the platforms. Thus, the entertainer uses every platform he can to accomplish his ambition of making people laugh and to engage with the audience while taking each step of success.

The 21-year old has made his career with the support of close ones and his determination for accomplishing the goal. Indian famous youtuber Navneet Pathak worked to improve himself after recognizing his talent, and he struggled each day to find an opportunity to start his career. Subsequently, at the theatre, youtube and other platforms, the entertainer spread joy and laughter among the audience. The Indian famous YouTuber challenges himself every day to be a better creator with every passing day.

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