Most popular blogs got that way by identifying 2 things which are the importance of reader satisfaction and forging a 'partnership' with search engines! The fact is the top blogging sites tend to get more traffic for just a few simple reasons which many tend to overlook! If you're in the business of blogging here are 3 things you'll need to do to get more traffic and keep visitors happy!

Topic Popularity

Is what you write about current and most importantly in demand? Keyword research will certainly help determine this! As a blogger you are well aware that most of your time will be spent creating content with which to update your site! Keeping this in mind it only makes sense to take the time to research what is popular with readers so you can be sure that what you publish will be of interest! In addition to checking for demand using keywords remember to also refer to any comments left on your platform! In many cases people will be more than happy to tell you what they want! By doing so you'll not only satisfy your current subscribers but will also get more traffic through referrals and search engine traffic!

Are You Optimized?

And speaking of search engines are you taking the 'extra' measures to be sure you can be easily found online? Keyword optimization is vital if you hope to get more traffic by turning up in search results! This strategy is relatively simple to implement and involves identifying the most relevant keywords of your content and then placing them at the beginning and end of each post! Using your primary keyword in the subject line or title is also highly recommended but be careful NOT to over use these words through out your text!

Does Information 'Serve' Readers?

Lastly but of no lesser importance is what you offer useful, informative, relevant or at least entertaining to people who view your updates? We spoke previously of choosing topics that are in demand but if you choose something you can 'personalize' with your opinions or insight, all the better! The point here is you want readers coming away with something after they read your post! In doing so you'll increase the 'buzz' factor of what you wrote and will likely get more traffic as people refer others to your site!

Looking around online you'll find that most popular blogs tend to get more traffic due to 3 subtle 'strategies' they use! It's common for most people involved in the business of blogging to get so 'consumed' with creating content that they seem to overlook the 3 basic principles reviewed here today! This is where the top blogging sites seem to excel by remaining aware that they merely blog for their readers! In addition when preparing any posts they also take the 'extra' step to optimize their content so they can leverage the use of search engines to get more traffic to their site! In the end do NOT allow yourself to be 'blinded' by the ongoing duties you have to create content! Your use of these 3 simple strategies will dramatically increase your chances of becoming one of the top blogging sites in your chosen niche!

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