Most popular blogs understand the importance of impressing upon visitors why their site should be viewed as a credible source! In many cases one of the first things people do upon landing on any site is to look at the 'about' page to determine what they can expect! Although this page is often viewed as a mere 'bio' of the blog writer, it is actually so much more! In fact if the about page does NOT place focus on the readers themselves it will likely be ineffective and visitors will simply leave!

Let's have a quick look at how to create a 'bio' page that captures readers attention while also 'reflecting' you as a credible source for the topic you write about!

Be Concise

Like any other aspect of writing anything to be viewed online you as the blog writer want to make this page as concise as possible! You want to make it clear to visitors what your mission statement or intentions are as a blogger! Here's where you tell visitors what you represent and 'how' you intend to present yourself and/or your platform in terms of your purpose! Be sure to place focus on the needs of your visitors and how you plan to address them!

Emphasize Reader Benefits

Don't be mislead into thinking the biography page should be about you since it's actually your 'sales' page as to why visitors should even bother reading any of your posts! For the most part people really don't care about YOU but rather what you can do for THEM! It is important to squarely place focus on how your blog will benefit the people who visit! If people think for just a moment that they do NOT stand to benefit, you've lost them since they will skip out before they read any further!

Your 'Qualifications'

This is speaking in terms with how you're qualified to 'help' or 'benefit' the people who read your updates! Share with people your own experience and how it better qualifies you as a blog writer attempting to serve the needs of those who visit your site! The more your own background and/or experience 'parallels' the theme of your site and the needs of your readers the more you will be viewed as a credible source!

Most popular blogs have come to realize the importance of creating an about page that serves as introductory or sales page for new visitors! The only thing you're actually selling on this page is why people should read what you as the blog writer have created! The impression you are trying to make is one that will make viewers see you as a more credible source for the type information you present! Creating this 'biography' is relatively simple as the 3 steps discussed above indicate provided you place focus on your visitors and NOT yourself! Remember you are contending with a 'what's in it for me' attitude and provided you keep this in mind, your chances of success as a blog writer only increase!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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