Some say the art of reading is dead, but Mobile E Reader Applications (Apps) make reading your favourite article, book or journal easier, with on demand customisation to the user’s immediate reading environment.

Mobile E Reader Apps mean users can carry and read their favourite ebooks wherever they may be.
Below we feature a few of the most popular Mobile E Reader Apps that make reading an easy habit:

The ReadEra Mobile Book Reader App, is an ad-free offline book reader that allows users to read from a numerous list of formats. In addition to the common PDF and EPub formats, the ReadEra Mobile Book Reader App also supports Kindle and Microsoft Word TXT formats as well.

This App works offline and is absolutely free to use across all devices and the page displays function in a responsive manner, so the page always fits your device.

Users of the App can also manage their personal library by recording thematic collections and the App will do all the hard work of storing and organising.

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With the quick access settings, App users can jump from chapter to chapter using the progress line function and bookmark passages or quotes so users can always know where they are.

Users of this Android App Development can also adjust and control the orientation, brightness and other readability features with this App, making for convenient reading. App users can open multiple documents or ebooks at one time and even view them in split-screen mode.

eReader Prestigio

The eReader Prestigio Mobile E Reader App is a multi-format App that provides users access to over 50,000 articles through both text and audio. One of the most unique features of this App is the text to speech function where users can simply sit back and listen to their chosen article at their own pace.
App users can customise their reading experience by choosing various themes and backgrounds and scan their personal library for files or articles as well. This App lets readers change or increase the font as well according to their requirements with a night mode for late night reads.

App users can furthermore create, save and share their very own ebooks or articles and the handy file manager helps you manage and locate all your important files easily.
Having created an account, App users can sync all their devices and download and share articles and ebooks as well across most major formats.

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App users can furthermore enjoy videos that are embedded within stories and the user interface caters to over 25 languages making this App one of the most popular Mobile E Reader Apps.

Moon+ Reader

The Moon+ Mobile E Reader App offers powerful functionality when it comes to reading documents with full control for users to customise and make the most of their reading experience. App users can read and access thousands of ebooks for free with links to online ebook libraries and this App supports most popular book formats.

Using this App, users can adjust the line space font, text colour, alignment and much more. There are some ten themes to choose from and App users can also switch from day to night mode, with five different types of scrolling modes, all in one place.

Users can adjust the brightness as they go along in addition to animations and a real page turning effect as well , which is handy for Online Jobs where you have to always read books. If your ebooks are on the cloud and you want to update or backup your collection then this App is for you so users can sync across all devices.

The App Developer has also included a dictionary function and localised it in over 40 global languages. The premium version includes access to more themes, customisation, control and support.


With various themes, settings and controls now reading is a breeze thanks to Mobile E Reader Apps. No more bulky carrying of printed books or keeping track of where you left off. Too dark or too bright? not a problem. Down a Mobile E Reader App and start turning digital pages.

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