Your body offers many places where you can get a piercing. In any body part, someone most likely has tried to have a piercing on it.
Here is a list of the most popular body parts you can have a piercing:

1 Ears.
These are the familiar places where most people have a piercing. Both women and men can get an ear-piercing. Ear piercings are a fashion trend that has never gone out of style. There are many types of ear piercings that you do on your ear to look more fashionable. These include lobe piercing, cartilage piercing, industrial piercing, and so many others. You should make a well-informed decision before choosing the best type of ear piercings.

2 Nose
Nose piercings are incredibly common. However, not considered acceptable in professional workplaces. You can do nose piercings on the nostril's outer side and the septum, which divides the nostrils. These piercings can take two to three months before they heal completely. You can use invisible studs and septum retainers to conceal your nose piercings until you are ready to insert your desired jewelry.

3 Eyebrows.
These are not common as ear and nose piercings. You can pierce your eyebrows on the outer edge and secure your piercing with a barbell or a ring.

4 Lips.
You can pierce many places on your lips. You can do a piercing on the lips or on the flesh that surrounds the lips. The most popular type of jewelry used on lip piercings are labrets, lip rings, and barbell. Be careful when placing jewelry on your lip piercing to avoid damaging your teeth.
Lips piercing takes at least six weeks, and you should be careful handling this type of piercing. During your piercing healing period, you should avoid kissing and smoking, and any other kind of oral affection as it can cause infection to your lip piercing.

5 Tongue.
Piercing your tongue is very painful and risky. Wrong placement can cause nerve damage. There is a high chance of post piercing infections in tongue piercings. After piercing, your tongue will swell for some days; hence the first jewelry should be bigger than what you will be using after the swelling diminishes. You need to avoid kissing smoking until the piercing heals and also maintain good oral hygiene. Tongue piercings heal after six months to one year.

6 Nipples.
Nipple piercing is a delicate process that you should do carefully to avoid permanent injuries. You can use nipple rings on your nipple piercing but take great care to prevent the ring from catching your cloth tearing your nipple tissue.

7 Navel.
Nowadays, navel piercings have become popular. They are the best when you want to show off your crop top and swimsuit, and they look beautiful. Typically you pierce the tissue around the navel, and you place your jewelry on the navel's front.

Bottom line.
When doing a piercing on any part of your body, ensure you look for a trained professional to do your piercings. Do not put your health at risk by using unsterilized equipment for piercings.

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