Best male singer in India Raahi Rana was born in his native village name Jalouli in Panchkula district in Haryana. The child was a simple and yet naughty kid of a middle-class family who was loved by all. During childhood, he changed schools in Barwala and Panchkula without understanding his ability and perspective of life. Then in the 11th standard, the student recognised his love of writing and began to write for himself. The boy began to spend hours writing his feelings. When the youngster joined engineering college, then he decided to go hand in hand with studies and his skill. Raahi Rana had to fight an inner battle for choosing one from concentrating on academics and his desire of writing. As a result, the obedient son decided to fulfil his parents' dream to see him as an engineer. So, he stopped writing to give dedication to education without knowing that he was going to be the number one singer of India in the future.

During the two years of being away from his hobby, he felt an emptiness in his life and tried very hard to execute his decision of concentrating only on studies. But when he reached his third year of college, the youngster lost his patience and finally, he resumed writing as before and also tried to focus on academics. Later Raahi Rana attempted composing the poems written by him in the form of songs, and it became a successful outcome. Then, the writer decided to write lyrics instead of poetry, and it made him happier. The talented musician completed his first song, ’BTECH’ in the 4th year of engineering, and he recieved appreciation from his friends for the amazing track and his melodious voice. All his classmates encouraged him to pursue singing and work harder as they believed he could become the most popular singer in India. The talented vocalist became part of the college event where the star enchanted the audience with his voice.

While tasting success in music, Raahi Rana faced difficulty handling the pressure of engineering. Thus, he had to give around 20 supplementary exams to move forward into his career. The student studied hard and prepared for all examinations. Finally, the boy managed to clear the backlogs and graduated with an engineering degree. Then, he joined Panacea Biotec for an internship to step towards a stable career. But during this period, his writing became more secretive than before as he would not show the write-ups to anyone even after preparing them. Raahi Rana finally wrote the song, ‘Pyar Nahi Karda’ in 2016, and he showed it to his close ones, who encouraged him to complete the beautiful track. After receiving support from his friends, he determined to be the best male singer in India with his skills.

The singer started singing songs at malls, restaurants, cafes and many more places and reached out for feedback to polish his ability. The melodious voice of Raahi Rana was appreciated by everyone and encouraged him to complete his songs and release them on a bigger platform. Then the vocalist shared his decision of taking his talent in front of a larger audience to his family and to which they gave a positive response and supported him to pursue his dream. Then, the boy worked with dedication for several months to complete his track. He nourished each word of the track, then composed the music, sung the melody from the bottom of his heart and gave the required changes to complete the song. Then in January 2017, the musician launched his debut track to step into the world of famous singers. Raahi Rana received good feedback, and it made him the best singer in India.

Raahi Rana had a difficult time as nobody was ready to take the opportunity to a newcomer as it was risky. He worked during the night shift at the workplace and managed his singing during the day. The singer would create plans and prepare plans for the chances that he might get. Raahi Rana would have heart breaks for not receiving what he expected but still would participate at the events in his region to reach out to the audience. The strong man would grab hope even after being hurt. But several people around the struggler demotivated him for choosing a singing career. Raahi Rana took time and ignored all the negative comments, and took suggestions from well-wishers for improving himself. Then the musician left his job and began to introduce himself to the masses and the classes through his skills. Slowly, he began to rule social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube with his mesmerizing voice and became India’s Best Male Singer. The boy from the small town created his path in a big city and became an inspiration for newcomers to the industry.

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