There are many careers which are gaining immense popularity. In different fields, these careers are attracting the youth in large numbers. While animation is serving the desire of students who want to put into use their creative abilities, biotechnology is a fresh introduction into the professional world. Nursing, on the other hand is a old profession but recently it has gained the respect and popularity it always deserved.

Career in Animation:
You often wonder how to make use of your creative abilities and also earn good money. The world of animation can make your dreams come true if you have a clear vision. It deals with injecting life into animate objects virtually. You can specialize in various fields and make a huge career out of it. Due to growing use of technology in advertising, the demand of animators is very high. You can work as a modeler, compositor, layout designer, rotoscoper etc. There are many universities in India providing good courses for animation. They help you polish your skills and bring out your true potential. They teach you all the softwares related to animation and the techniques involved in the procedure. Once you get the required degree, you can work in films, tv shows, advertisements, fashion designing industry, video game companies, etc.

Career in Biotechnology:
It is a new budding career to the existing world of professional careers and is already in stiff competition with them. Biotechnology deals with working on living cells and producing something new or improvising on the existing products. Biotechnology has a wide variety of career opportunities ranging from sales and marketing, to research and development, to manufacturing and quality control and assurance. There are numerous universities or colleges in India which provide a course in biotechnology. You can also specialize in fields like Zoology, Physiology, Dairy Technology, Horticulture, etc.

Career in Nursing:
The largest workforce amongst the healthcare sector is of nurses. With the improvement in the health care sector of India and introduction of many new health care institutes, nurses are in high demand. They not only have a flourishing career in India but all over the world. The Nurses are a lifeline of a successful hospital. A large variety of job prospects are open for nurses, they can work in hospitals, clinics, labs, health care centres, yoga centres, rehabilitation centers etc.

You can take up Nursing, or biotechnology or animation; but you need to choose a career which matches your potential and capability. All these fields are different from each other and have their own pros and cons, but instead of going by what is in high demand; you should rather focus on your needs and preferences.

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