Most profitable businesses found online are rooted in the visions of the people who started them. The marketing success of just about any company you find is normally based upon some type of novel idea or approach. Just as important is the level of commitment people bring to making their online marketing business a profitable success! Now these visionaries can legitimately be classified as dreamers however it is their dogged determination that sets them apart from typical day-dreamers!

Here are 7 characteristics that take visionaries well beyond the scope of the typical 'dreamer' that allows them to achieve greater success with their internet business!

Personal Interest

They are not afraid in many cases to ignore the masses and follow their own personal interests! This interest keeps them inspired helping to maintain their motivation which is absolutely necessary when building an internet business. Due to 'solitary' nature of working online its is critical to be self motivated!

Action Oriented

Dreaming is NOT good enough! These people want to see their ideas put into action! This is what separates visionaries from day dreamers, their willingness/ability to take the necessary actions to make their visions a viable online marketing business!

Unique Angle

In most cases not only is their selection of a product or niche display a uniqueness but so does their approach to the marketplace. In fact it is this uniqueness that gets them noticed which is the first step towards achieving marketing success online!

Failures Are Lessons

Visionaries are so committed to their pursuits that their fear of failure is almost non-existent. They are pursuing a passion which typically negates any type of hesitant behavior. When they do encounter a failure they simply view it as a problem to be solved. With their new found knowledge they continue to move forward more confidently and unencumbered with any or little fear of failure.

Savor the Challenge

There are always going to be many challenges when building an online marketing business but visionaries as discussed above are motivated by passion. This helps to keep them inspired and enthused and as a result they literally welcome challenges with open arms!


The passion felt by visionaries helps them to easily overcome setbacks and disappointments that would cause others to quit. In this way their perseverance gives them a much better chance of succeeding in their efforts to build a viable internet business.

Inner Faith

At the core of any successful online marketing business is an entrepreneur will an unshakable faith in what they are doing! This faith gives them the direction and courage they need to take their efforts to a higher level then those of their competitors! This is what drives any visionary and why more times than not they reach their goals!

Most profitable businesses offer something unique and in many cases this is the roots to their success. It normally takes both vision and a certain dedication or commitment to make an online marketing business profitable. The single biggest difference between dreamers and visionaries however is one takes no action while the other does what is needed to make their dreams a marketing success! These people demonstrate 7 characteristics, as noted in our discussion above, that allows them to take an idea and launch a successful internet business. If you share any or all of the above traits, it is likely that marketing success awaits you on the internet!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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